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Britney Spears

Britney Spears 'Doesn't Have An Email Address' -- Report Resurfaces, Team 'Pushing Back' Against #FREEBRITNEY

Britney Spears | Instagram
By Alyssa McCraw

Ahead of Wednesday's court day, recent weeks have had the #FreeBritney movement gaining some major traction - and it's only ramping up.

As allegations pile up about Britney Spears not running her own social accounts, another (supposed) technological limitation placed on the pop star is making its rounds again.

The discussion is surrounding a mid-2019 article from the Washington Post which states that "she (Britney) doesn’t have an email address."

Interviewed during the lengthy piece of me was Larry Rudolph, Spears' longtime manager.

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#FreeBritney's 1-Month Mark Was Met With Washington Post Piece

Britney Spears & longtime manager Larry Rudolph
Gettyimages | Kevin Mazur

Though the Post themselves were the ones saying that "she doesn't have an email address," the article's context suggests that Larry Rudolph might've been the one who offered the least to legal experts (of which Larry is one too).

Also worth noting is the timing: the Post's write-up was published on May 17, 2019, whereas #FreeBritney's groundbreaking podcast was released on April 16th.

Last spring (and according to the Post) - the Louisiana native's team weren't too keen on the whole "#FreeBritney narrative."

Spears Camp 'Pushing Back' Against '#FreeBritney Narrative'

Britney Spears by a window
Britney Spears | Instagram

The outlet wrote: "Sources close to the singer are pushing back on the #FreeBritney narrative, emphasizing that Spears is in the conservatorship for a reason — long-term mental-health issues that they would not specify."

"They know #FreeBritney is born out of fans’ love for her, they say, but insist that fans don’t understand the details of Spears’s condition and the logistics of the legal arrangement, which is monitored closely by medical professionals and the courts."

Then came direct quotes from Britney's manager...

Britney's Manager Says Her 'Conservatorship Is Not Jail'

Larry Rudolph caught by paparazzi
Gettyimages | OGUT/Star Max

Entertainment-attorney-turned-talent-manager Larry Rudolph has been behind Britney's career since 1998...for the most part.

Mixed message exist as to what exactly happened here, but Britney fired him in 2004.

A 2007 report said Spears and Rudolph might've made amends...but not really, because it wasn't a happy headline ("Britney Spears Locked Into Deal With Manager She 'Hates'").

The duo were definitely back in business by what's widely called "the comeback" year (2008) - even though, in Britney's words, "I don't really like it when they say 'the comeback,'" and the conservatorship had just been signed that February.

But Larry told Post that "the conservatorship is not a jail."

Spears Situation Slated As 'Impossible' -- 'Make It Make Sense'

Britney Spears promoting her mobile game (in 2016)
Britney Spears | Instagram

"It helps Britney make business decisions and manage her life in ways she can’t do on her own right now," Rudolph said.

Yet the Post paints an entirely different picture, one of Britney existing in "a carefully protected bubble [with] handlers shielding her from negative influences or hangers-on."

Putting a (suspected) two-and-two together, a team of independent attorneys on Twitter recently asked: "So are we to believe Britney has access to her social media accounts when, according to her own manager, she doesn’t even have an email address? How does that work? 🤔😂"

The terms "impossible" and "joke" were used in the replies to describe what's supposedly going on inside the Spears conservatorship.

Another just wants something or someone to "make it make sense."

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