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Scarlett Johansson & Colin Jost  on red carpet

Does Scarlett Johansson's Fiancé Get Jealous Over Her On-Screen Lovers?

Gettyimages | Amy Sussman
By Jacob Highley

Scarlett Johansson has become one of the most popular female actresses in Hollywood. Today the 35-year-old “Black Widow” star not only has one of the most renowned reputations for action, comedy, and romance flicks but checks in with a net worth of $165 million just this year.

The “Marriage Story” actress has been in the headlines for more than just the cinema success in recent years though. Scarlett has been engaged to her romantic partner Colin Jost since 2019. In a recent interview, Colin revealed how he feels seeing his bride-to-be getting frisky on the big screen.

'What You Get With Him'

Scarlett Johanson in yellow dress
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Colin, who is currently 38, first met the “JoJo Rabbit” actress while Scarlett was on “Saturday Night Live”. She had nothing but praise to give when she told Parade Magazine how she thought the world of her new fiance:

“What you see is what you get with him,” Scarlett shared with the mag. “He’s very optimistic, easygoing, funny, nice, and those are the qualities that really drew me to him.”

“The Prestige” actress has been married twice before with both marriages ending in divorce, but Scarlett has shared that she is very confident about her relationship with Colin.


Scarlett Johansson in pink dress
Instagram @scarlettismyreligion

Howard Stern had the chance to interview Jost asking whether it bothered the “SNL” writer that his wife-to-be was constantly making out with other people for scenes in various movies.

Wittingly, and a good deal touching, Colin responded by saying that he didn’t let it get to him:

“I don’t really think I’ve experienced yet,” Colin revealed on The Howard Stern Show. “I think maybe five, 10 years ago it would have been devastating."

Apparently, there's more to this than meets the eye though. Colin trusts Scarlett which makes things much easier for the couple.

'Want To Be Together'

Giphy | Saturday Night Live

Colin went on to describe how trusting your significant other makes all the difference for them:

"If people love each other and want to be together, they’re going to be together. And you have to kind of faith in that on some level.”

Humorously Jost also mentioned that was going to push Scarlett to do more voice work to avoid any kind of negative feelings.

Josh has gone on to express how their time together hasn't reflected a "hard" relationship, and that there are beautiful moments being together.

'Better Together'

Scarlett Johansson & Colin Jost dressed up
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“It’s a relief kind of, you know? You always hear things like marriage or relationships are hard, but they don’t have to be all the time,” Jost said. “A lot of times they can be fun and easy.”

Colin made quite the observation when it comes to romantic couples when he stated the following about how many people are outspoken about their relationship problems:

““The goal should be that your lives are better together rather than more difficult. I think the people that are unhappy are just more vocal about it,” Jost told PEOPLE. “The people that are happy are kind of like, ‘We don’t need to tell everyone we’re happy. We’re just going to be happy.‘”

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