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Chris Evans smiles for photographers

Chris Evans Gifts Captain America Shield to Dog Attack Survivor

Gettyimages | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin
By Chris Barilla

'Captain America' actor Chris Evans is proving that his kindness towards humanity extends beyond the silver screen with his latest gesture of goodwill​ to a young boy who was viciously attacked by a dog in an effort to protect his younger sister from it. Six-year-old Bridger Walker went viral online earlier this week after a photo of the injuries he sustained from the vicious dog attack was reposted hundreds of thousands of times, accompanied by the tale of how he received said injuries. Now, Evans is expressing his praise for the young hero by sending him a Captain America shield.

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Chris Evans poses with his dog
Chris Evans / Instagram

Evans took to social media to explain how he was attempting to reach out to the young boy's family after seeing the video to commend him for his efforts by​ gifting him one of the most iconic accessories​ of any superhero.

"I’m sure you’ve heard this a lot over the last couple of the days, but let me be the next one to tell you: Pal, you’re a hero," the actor said. "What you did was so brave, so selfless, your sister is so lucky to have you as a big brother. Your parents must be so proud of you."


The actor continued his touching statement to Walker by once again commending him for his valiant efforts and instilling in him that he should always be willing to help others.

"Keep being the man you are, we need people like you. Hang in there, I know recovery might be tough, but based on what I’ve seen, I don’t think there’s much that can slow you down," Evans concluded the kind words to the young boy, accompanying his heartfelt gift of the shield.

Chris Evans poses with his dog
Chris Evans / Instagram

The boy's aunt, Nicole Noel Walker, originally posted the ordeal and emplored that any member of the 'Avengers' cast aid however they could, given the six-year-olds​ delicate state post-attack that required him to get 90 stitches.

"After getting bit several times on the face and head, he grabbed his sister’s hand and ran with her to keep her safe. He later said, 'If someone had to die, I thought it should be me,'" Walker recounted of the situation to her followers.


Despite the severity of the attack, surgeons were able to help the boy recover to the point where he was able to return home. Walker thanked the ​medical staff for their help in the healing process and emplored the famous actors to take notice of her young niece's actions.

"After receiving 90 stitches (give or take) from a skilled plastic surgeon, he’s finally resting at home. We love our brave boy and want all the other superheroes to know about this latest hero who joined their ranks."

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