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Nikki Bella Flaunts HUGE Baby Bump To Celebrate 37-Weeks... She's So Close!

By Jeff Mazzeo

Nikki Bella is so close to giving birth!

The “Total Divas” star did a little happy dance on Thursday to mark the 37-week milestone. She pulled up her starry pajamas so her millions of fans could get a good look at the giant bump. Nikki playfully held her mom boobs up while she gave a little pregnancy homestretch shimmy. She looks amazing and her skin is totally glowing!

Bella simply captioned her amazing selfie video, "37 weeks ✨." For those who don't know (we had to look it up) pregnancy typically lasts about 40-weeks. She could legit give birth very, very soon!

Hey Baby!


Nikki has gracefully included her fans, followers, and famous friends on her pregnancy journey. Obviously, everyone feels very involved and sounded off in the comments section of her post.

Nattie Neidhart wrote, "Almost time! And you look beautiful!" Maria Shriver said, "Life !! Love it."

"Nicole! You look stunning 😍 hot mama!!! 🔥" Nia Jax commented.

One fan noted how crazy the identical twin thing really is. "You look just like brie while you’re pregnant! X" the fan exclaimed.

Race To The Finish Line


Earlier this week, Brie Bella shared a side view of their bumps. The twins are only a week apart and they were curious about which hot mama the fans think is going to give birth first. Brie wore a cream-colored dress while Nikki opted for a black one with a plunging neckline.

"Who’s baby is coming first!!!???? Almost at the finish line 🤱🏻," Brie captioned the sweet pic.

The twins looked beautiful but they also looked ready to finally welcome the new additions to their families. Needless to say, the fans had a lot of opinions.

"I hope Nicole goes first so you can be fully present for her new little bundle!" one excited follower commented, while another said, "Maybe at the same time 🙌🏻💕."

Vanessa Lachey wrote, "This. Is. The. BEST!!!"

Keep Mama Bella In Your Thoughts


During the last few weeks of their pregnancies, the Bellas have also been keeping their mother, Kathy Laurinaitis, in their prayers. She is recovering from brain surgery and Nikki recently gave an update.

"Have had two amazing visits with my Mom ❤️ Her balance and walking has gotten better. Her speech has gotten better. Even though her face hasn’t yet, with all of your love, support and prayers you have given her so much hope and strength to have a full recovery!" she wrote on social media.

"I can’t ever thank you all enough for that!! Gigi you got this! We love you so incredibly much!!! ❤️"

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