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Halsey's stunned fans with a pout

Halsey Turns Popsicle Licking Into Art In Pink Hair, Does Good For Pride

Halsey / Instagram
By Rima Pundir

Singer, songwrite Halsey of the 'Closer' fame debuted pink hair on Instagram on Wednesday, this time in partnership with Magnum ice cream, in a bid to raise money for the LGBTQ students and do a good turn.

Can Halsey be any sweeter? Fans doubt it, in looks or in person.

She not only rocked the pink hair and the photo posted on Instagram, but she also did it with clothes on, getting 1.3 million likes already.

That perfect body apart, its Halsey's lovely gesture that has had fans reading out for the tissues for this one...

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A Few Pleasures

Halsey with her pooch
Halsey / Instagram

In a post just a couple of days ago, Halsey listed out a few of her favorite things as the song goes, with the caption, "a few things, I suppose".

There are posies of flowers, strawberries, summertime fields, graffiti and what seems to be a berry-flavored cheesecake with a dollop of icecream.

Unlike her usual glamor shots, there was also a pic of Halsey laying down beside her dog dressed in hand-me-down jeans a loose tee.

Fans loved the post with one writing in, "Halsey did you hear “your eyes tell?".

Here's the post...

Halsey's True Pleasure

Halsey rocked pink hair
Halsey / Instagram

While she seems to be enjoying that Magnum bar a lot, Halsey's true pleasure is not pink hair or ice cream, but music. She captioned this picture as, " Join me on my YouTube this Thursday at 9am PST / 5pm GMT where I’ll be sharing my biggest pleasure with you all, playing music. This performance will only be available for 30mins, so don’t miss it! We are also encouraging donations to @GLSEN, an organization that provides LGBTQ students with an educational environment free from judgment and harassment."

One fan commented, "gonna cry in my room now bye"...

Here's a link to what Halsey and Magnum are cooking up together...

Fans' Pleasure

Halsey underboob swimsuit pic was a hit
Halsey / Instagram

While fans love her music, its these titillating picture she posts that make all her followers' dreams come true.

Reason enough for one to write, "Halsey be always reminding me how incredibly gay I am..."

Or how about this comment, "I’ve never seen an electric socket so turned on..."

Despite her numerous health problems that involve endometriosis, gluten intolerance, and a diagnosed bipolar disorder, Halsey managed to cheer her fans up.

And that's just one reason for them to love her and her music...

The other is her red-haired 'Ariel' avatar...

Tattoos Are Her Guilty Pleasure

Halsey set fire to Instagram with a nude pic
Halsey / Instagram

Much as many love ice cream, or sushi, or skinny dipping, Halsey's one guilty pleasure is getting tattooed.

Probably why she has more than 29, each tattoo holding significance in her life. Like Mars, or a matchstick, or even the word 'Nightmare', the title of one of her songs.

That said; this picture here got more than 1.7 million likes more for the fact that Halsey was nude, rather than her tattoos. And why many fans started calling her 'God' instead of 'Queen".

Here's one of hers in a bikini too.

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