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Nina Dobrev soaking in the sun on Instagram

'Vampire Diaries' Nina Dobrev Slays Fans In Bikini & Hilarious Take On Social Distancing

Nina Dobrev / Instagram
By Rima Pundir

31-year-old Nina Dobrev, best remembered for her roles of Elena Gilbert & Katherine Pierce on 'The Vampire Diaries' just slew Instagram with two bikini pics that showed off her toned body to perfection.

Fans flipped over not just her gorgeous curves and toned abs but also the wacky sense of humor she displayed in another post, showcasing "social distancing" in a brand new light.

The 'Flatliners" star proved that she is a beauty with brains, with the coolest sense of humor...

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It Satur-Yay!

Nina Dobrev looking hot in a mismatched bikini
Nina Dobrev / Instagram

Nina Dobrev is killing it on Instagram this week, in bikinis shorter than a handspan and legs longer than a waterfall, or so say fans.

She posted one bikini pic four days ago, with the caption, "when every day in quarantine is Groundhog Day and then someone tells you it’s Saturday" and racked more than a million likes on it.

Fans commented happily with stuff like, "I wanna look like you.😭😍" and "You are stunning like always✨❤️"; amidst the usual calls of perfect, gorgeous, beautiful, and the creepy "be my wife" ones.

Here's more of her beauty in a swimsuit...

Toned As Hell Abs

Nina Dobrev has some toned abs in a houndstooth bikini
Nina Dobrev / Instagram

She wore a gorgeous houndstooth bikini for the second picture she posted just two days ago on Instagram, and her abs have never looked better!

According to Women's Health, Nina's abs are a combined effort of a "workout cocktail" that involve yoga, running, weight training, boxing, and group classes, each on separate days.

Guess mixing things up works for Nina's abs, though fans also loved her smile, commenting, "Really needed to see that smile right now" and a very wishful, "Imagine if Nina liked my comment it would make MY DAY💜💜"...

Meanwhile, here's Nina mixing it up with the penguins.

Social Distancing With Zoey Deutch

Nina Dobrev and Zoey Deutch keeping 'six feet apart'
Nina Dobrev / Instagram

This is Nina's take on social distancing, with the proverbial "six feet apart" between her and actress Zoey Deutch.

A fan wrote, "The queen with the queen," making both the actresses happy at once, not that any of them replied.

Of course, 'The Politician' star Zoey Deutch let it be known in no uncertain terms that she was the talent behind Nina's houndstooth bikini that has more than 1.3 million likes.

Deutsch commented, "I don’t want photo credit so it’s good you didn’t give me photo credit", although the sarcasm went over the heads of a few fans.

Oh, and Zoey Deutsch comes with her own brand of hot, and humor...

No Distancing With Shaun White

Nina Dobrev is officially dating Shaun White
Nina Dobrev / Instagram

Meanwhile, fans of Nina Dobrev will be happy (or unhappy) to know that she finally made her relationship with Olympic snowboarder Shaun White official, by cutting his hair on Instagram.

Fans may wish to snip White from Dobrev's life and take his place instead but one fan is more mad at her for taking Shaun away from his earlier girlfriend, Sarah Barthel of the band, Phantogram. The commenter said, "He belongs to Sarah, go away Nina and go get your 200th boyfriend elsewhere..."

Guess she can't please everyone, so here's Nina reminding everyone to wear a 'damn' mask...

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