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A photo of Kelsey Nicole at the BET Awards, dressed in a golden shiny suit.

Kelsey Nicole: 5 Awesome Facts About Megan Thee Stallion’s BFF

Instagram | Kelsey Nicole
By Favour

Many celebrities, usually have one amazing BFF that they do almost everything with on and off social media. For Megan Thee Stallion, her best friend is no other than Kelsey Nicole, an Instagram star.

Over the years, fans have known about the close bond between Megan and Kelsey, but there are other things to note. Read more below.

She’s Megan Thee Stallion’s Assistant

It is not everyday fans get to see stars using their BFF’s as their assistants. However, Megan truly trusts Kelsey because she is business savvy and very talented.

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A photo showing Meghan Thee Stallion & Kelsey Nicole making their ways into an event in their lovely outfits.
Instagram | Kelsey Nicole

She Appeared In One Of Megan Thee Stallion’s Videos

When people see Kelsey on Instagram, they tend to get the wrong idea about who she is or what she can do. Kelsey has an amazing social media presence that fans love and appreciate her for. They also adore her for being an unrelenting and helpful friend to her rapper friend, Meghan.

Kelsey showed off her dance moves in one of Megan’s music videos titled “Girls In The Hood,” and it was a beautiful video to watch.


She Is A Day One Fan Of Megan Thee Stallion

One of the most amazing ways to know who has your back, is when they show you support for something you do or did. Sometimes, it could be your classmate in High School, or a mentor that you love and respect. However, if you’re like Megan, then your day one supporter would be your BFF.

Severally, Kelsey has put out posts in celebration of the 25-year-old rapper and this gesture warms the hearts of her fans every time.

Kelsey Nicole looks absolutely gorgeous in this black two-piece outfit, as she poses in the presence of other people.
Instagram | Kelsey Nicole

Kelsey Nicole Spoke Out On Megan’s Behalf During Label-Related Issues

Megan has never been one to shy away from a fight, as she would rather come to face trolls that had nothing good to say about her. However, she once had an issue with her label, Houston 1501 Records, that almost turned into a controversy. Although not everyone sided with the rapper, her BFF was her number one supporter.

The owner do the label, known as Carl Crawford was in doubt about Megan’s loyalty and he aired this online. Kelsey returned the favor by sticking up for her friend with some facts.

Kelsey Nicole adorns in a see/through outfit that leaves nothing to imagination in this photo.
Instagram | Kelsey Nicole

The BFFS Met In College

People always say that some friendships in College lasts a lifetime and Megan’s story is proof of that. Although the duo ended up chasing different paths in career, they still love and respect one another, as they did in school.

The duo were once students of Praire View A&M University, located at Houston. It did not take long for them to become acquainted and they became popular for their twerking skills on campus. Till date, the lovely ladies reminisce on meeting in College and refer to it as a beautiful experience.

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