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A throwback photo of Tupac Shakir bare-chested on stage while performing.

Tupac Shakur & Janet Jackson Once Colluded On A PR Stunt From A Movie Scene

Gettyimages | Christopher Polk
By Favour

Tupac Shakur was popularly known as an American rapper, who was born and bred in Manhattan, New York City.

He rose to fame after releasing his debut album titled “2Pacalypse Now” in 1991. However, aside from music, he also had a thing for movies. The rapper was first involved in a play in 2014. He took up a role in “Holler zig Ya Hear Me,” which was gotten from one of his song lyrics. Although it aired on Broadway, it only lasted for six weeks.

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Another amazing film that the rapper was involved in, was called “Poetic Justice,” where he played the role of Lucky.

Lucky, was a single dad, who wanted to make ends meet at all cost and later found himself in a web of romance, while he was on a road trip. The woman whom he fell in love with was named Justice, played by Janet Jackson. Seeing Tupac and Jackson together was a refreshing sight for fans and they loved every bit of the movie.

An amazing photo of Janet Jackson and late Michael Jackson sharing a warm kiss during a photo-shoot
Instagram | Janet Jackson

As usual, the movie was backed up by love and romance, so it was inevitable that one or more love scenes would be orchestrated. Tupac was no doubt excited to be working with the amazing Janet, who is also the sister of legendary singer, Michael Jackson.

However, he quit the project and after a while, gave a statement about it. In the statement, he accused Janet of trying to get him to take an HIV test before they could shoot any love scene.

A mind-blowing art of Tupac Shakur wearing his signature head band
Instagram | 2Pac

He mentioned that they were all having a great time on set, when someone came to him with the request in his trailer.

“I don’t know if it was Janet that it came from, but suddenly, out of the blue, they wanted me to take an AIDS test for this love scene and I did not disagree if we were really gonna make love. I said, ‘If I can make love with Janet Jackson, I’ll take four AIDS tests.’ ‘But if I’m gonna do a love scene with her just like somebody else did and they didn’t take a test, I’m not take long a test. Not only am I not taking the test, but get out of my trailer.” He concluded.

An image showing a fan art in black & white, in remembrance of the great Tupac Shakur
Instagram | 2Pac

After he sent that clear message to the movie team, Tupac said he was still approached by other members to reconsider his decision, however, he did not budge.

Finally, the scene was scrapped and the duo only became intimate in an on-screen kiss scene.

The writer and director of the movie, John Singleton later explained in a 2011 interview, what really happened on set.

He said that the AIDS request was a PR stunt by his team to create publication for the movie.

“You do s**t like that and you know everyone is going to be talking about our movie.” He said.

Luckily, the stunt worked as the film debuted at No. 1 in the first week of release.

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