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’90 Day Fiancé' Viewers Approve Of Paul's Mom Not Wanting To Keep Financially Supporting Him And Wife Karine

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk

Paul and Karine are back on ’90 Day Fiancé’'s 'Happily Ever After?' series this season and as expected things are not off to the best start. Viewers were originally introduced to the couple back in 2017 on the first season of the shows 'Before The 90 Days' series. He moved from his home state of Kentucky to Karine's country of Brazil. He had a very tough time adjusting to the country as he couldn't speak the language or find a job there.

Paul and Karine are in America now but Paul's mother doesn't want to help him financially anymore.

The two ended up being married and having a child. Paul's mother, Edna, ended up encouraging them to move to America and that's what's happening on Happily Ever After this season. The problem here is that Paul isn't close to being financially stable at all. He is 34-years-old and was able to get this assistance from his mother plenty of times in the past but now, that won't be the case now as he has a family to provide for.

Paul's mother did not want to give Paul a loan once he arrived in Kentucky with Karine.

When the two first got to Kentucky, his mother provided a temporary stay for Paul and Karine at a hotel room but that was it. Paul ended up asking his mother for a "loan" in order to get life in America with Karine settled but she didn't want to do this. She acknowledged how she helped him out in the past but now, he has to step up to the plate like a man and be the one to provide.

Paul attempted to get a home for himself and Karine but she didn't approve of any of the living situations.
Paul Staehle- Instagram

Paul ended up taking Karine home shopping and many of the places were run down and weren't suitable for a family. One situation that appeared to be better was a trailer which had many amenities in it which ran up to $500 per month. After this visit, Karine disapproved of everything to Paul. She made it known that he was a bad husband and needed to find them a proper home. During the show, she even revealed that she'd go back to Brazil if this didn't get done.

Users on social media agree with Paul's mother on the fact that he should be supporting his family on his own.
Paul Staehle- Instagram

’90 Day Fiancé' viewers completely agree with Paul's mother regarding cutting him off financially. They feel that he's old enough and should be at the point in his life where he shouldn't kepe going to her to help out with his family.

"Paul's mom is the right one!!!!," said one user on Twitter. "I think she should sit down with Karine and explain so she knows that they are both on the same page about Paul stepping up. "

It will be interesting to see if Paul and Karine are able to finally find happiness together this season. Hopefully, Paul is able to finally step up to the plate. Currently, they have a second child on the way.

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