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Fans React To Chris Cuomo's CNN Goodbye Message After Firing

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By Fiyin Olowokandi on December 6, 2021 at 5:30 AM EST

Veteran CNN anchor Chris Cuomo took to Twitter on December 4, 2021, to share a disappointing message to his fans about his termination.

He finally broke his silence and claimed that he didn't want his time at the news outlet to end the way it did. But, he had to help his brother, as he had already spoken about how and why he did so.

Chris further explained that despite the disappointment the termination brought, he remains fulfilled and proud of what he and his team achieved as the number one show on CNN.

"I owe them all and will miss that group of special people who did really important work," the journalist wrote.

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The American TV Journalist Tweet Gets Diverse Reactions From Fans

As expected, Chris' message was met with a couple of reactions, with many of his fans coming to his defense and sympathizing with the anchor.

A fan viewed him being fired from CNN for helping his brother during a tough time as totally ridiculous. The fan encouraged Chris to go on to MSNBC.

Another Twitter user commended him for his work and expressed how much he would be missed, while someone else appreciated his influence in making politics a' down to earth' conscious involvement.

Some fans mentioned that family would always come first and that despite the costly decision CNN made to get rid of him, they 'his fans' would be with him wherever he goes.

A commenter predicted things would be different, even though people did not presently agree with the wrongness of Chris' situation.

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Others sent their love to the American presenter and advised him to remain strong since he wasn't in the wrong.

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Chris Cuomo Used His Position To Help His Brother

Chris Cuomo smiling

In a recent report by The Blast, before Chris' suspension, several documents were exposed. They contained suspicious text messages between him and team members of his brother, Andrew Cuomo. 

In one of the messages, he offered to help by using his sources for fishing out potential accusers who would go against his brother. 

Not everyone saw this as helpful, as a few reporters viewed his action as inappropriate. Hence, after admitting his action to CNN, he was suspended indefinitely due to breaking the rules of journalism.

The former New York governor was accused of the alleged sexual harassment of eleven female staff members when he was still governor.

The Blast reported this about a month ago, although the accusations were made back in December 2020.

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At the time, Andrew denied every allegation but apologized for the misinterpretation of his comments and gestures.

New York Attorney General Letitia James carried out a private investigation into the matter in February, and in March, impeachment processes commenced.

In August, after being found guilty of the allegations, Andrew was called to resign by both of New York's state senators and all the lawmakers. His resignation later became effective on August 24, 2021.

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