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Draya Michele Explores Her 'Natural Habitat' In Hoop Bikini

Draya Michele got the hell outta dodge – apparently, taking her to her "natural habitat." The 35-year-old reality star and Mint Swim founder made headlines earlier this year for needing a "pregnancy-scare nasty" vacation after coronavirus. It looks like the "Basketball Wives LA" alum has hit tropical shores before the pandemic's end.

If you don't live inside Draya's Instagram, the star has left her Los Angeles lock-down. Her stories over Monday came from clear blue oceans, with a yacht, fresh fruit, and punch included. Scroll for photos.

Selling Swimwear For A Reason

Draya Michele/Instagram

Draya, who saved up $12,000 in 2011 to found her Mint Swim brand only to watch it valued at $1 million in 2017, updated with lots of luxury and very little clothing. The mom of two shared stories in a snazzy black bikini with a gold hoop bust clasp. Draya was seen chilling on a yacht cruising through waters, also sharing perfectly-cut watermelon and other fruits.

Draya then confirmed that a swimwear designer's "natural habitat" is, big surprise, the open water. The ex to Orlando Scandrick was filmed bobbing around it on her back. More below.

It Ain't Reality Unless It's Gucci

Draya Michele/Instagram

Draya, who has gained 100,000 Instagram followers this week, hasn't disclosed her location. She has been showing off the high-end merch, though. The Fashion Nova partner whose latest collab brings an affordable Oh PollyxDRAYA sport collection has been updating in luxury Italian designer Gucci. A visor from the iconic brand appeared as Draya updated from the beach earlier this week.

"Capri sun at camp vibes," Draya wrote as she posed with hands on her hips. "Keep them coming," a fan had written – Draya tends to oblige and you can see how below.

Pops Up On Diddy's Feed

Draya Michele/Instagram

Draya has a lot of fingers in a lot of pies. Alongside her Fashion Nova and Oh Polly gigs, the star holds an ambassador status with 32-year-old singer Rihanna's SavagexFenty lingerie line. Draya is also a promo face for Ciroc vodka, with a photo of her in a watermelon-colored bikini appearing on rapper mogul Diddy's Instagram this year. Diddy does the marketing for the popular alcohol brand also fronted by Jason Derulo's girlfriend Jena Frumes.

Draya has, however, been documenting going alcohol-free amid coronavirus. Skip the jump for more.

Tipped Waiter More Because He Was Black

Draya Michele/Instagram

Draya has been making headlines for supporting Black Lives Matter in conventional and unconventional ways. Late June saw Draya dining out at L.A's Benihaha restaurant with her two sons. Draya then posted a receipt showing a total $102.38 spend, plus the $50 tip she left as she wrote: "Tip more because the waiter was black and they were all just getting back to work."

As The Blast reported, not everyone viewing the report felt that the behavior was appropriate. Scroll for the responses.

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