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Do Britney Spears's eyelashes spell 911?

#FreeBritney: Fans Threaten Her Dad 'We're Coming For You' Over 'Decoded' Instagram Posts

Britney Spears / Instagram
By Rima Pundir

The drama on Britney Spears' Instagram page keeps heating up and fans seem to be scribbling a script far more convoluted than a Mexican telenovela.

Just yesterday, Spears added three different posts to her Instagram: one with flowers, another with a painting, and the third with a picture of hers.

Each post alarmed her fans and made them rally with #FreeBritney and #SaveBritney hashtags, and more requests to "let her go" and "be a free woman".

The smoke is there, but what about the fire?

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Is The Pink Flower A Code?

Britney Spears chipped nail polish was trolled
Britney Spears / Instagram

The first of the drama-rama pictures was of Britney Spears holding a tiny posy of flowers; a pink one in the center and three white ones surrounding it.

First, because this is the Internet and it is inundated with trolls, people commented on her chipped nail polish, which made her fans stand in her defense with harsh words.

Others merely looked for clues in the picture, going to the extent of commenting, "Britney does the pink flower represent you and the white flowers represent the men holding you hostage!?!?!?!?"

Don't know, but here's Britney reminiscing about yoga on the beach...

Does Hans Zatka Equal Breaking Contracts?

Britney Spears posted a Hans Zatka painting on Insta
Britney Spears / Instagram

The second picture was a painting of Hans Zatka, and Hans was known more for his pseudonyms than his paintings. He painted under P. Ronsard, Pierre de Ronsard, H. Zabateri, Joseph Bernard, J. Bernard, or Bernard Zatzka... Whew!

Now even Snooki commented on this, "The purpose of Zatzka's vast array of pseudonyms was to avoid penalties of breaking contracts. BRITNEY!"

To this, another fan wrote, "Maybe her pseudonym has something to do with the pink flowers she always has maybe a helpful hint think outside the box..."

Here Britney, dancing outside the box.

Same Outfit? Again?

Britney Spears' repeated outfits on Instagram are a cause for concern
Britney Spears / Instagram

And the third picture was of Britney herself, wearing a crop top she had worn before. Or, more likely, she posted a picture of hers taken from a collection she had posted before, and fans started reading a bit too much into it.

One fan commented, "I’m convinced this isn’t Britney positing the same outfit screenshots every day... whoever is running her account, let her have her life back!"

With almost 2,000 likes, this had to be the top comment "Hey Britney’s dad! I know you looking in these comments so remember that we are coming for you..."

Only, just a year back, this is what Britney posted about her dad...

Fans Really Want To #FreeBritney

Britney Spears says 'this is me being happy' on Instagram
Britney Spears / Instagram

Ever since Kanye West posted on social media about running for president amidst mental health rumors, fans have restarted the #Free Britney trend, talking about how her 12-year-running conservatorship needs to end.

Most believe that Britney is "sane enough" to manage her social media, her career, and her estate and that her father and lawyer need to switch control back to her.

As one fan said it right, "How is it that we have a literal hostage scenario right in front of our eyes but no one is doing anything about it?"

Now Britney did answer some fan questions, below, but the most important one remains.

Are you okay, Britney?

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