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Kim Kardashian Crushes Instagram In White Lingerie, Laced Heels & Red Hair

Kim Kardashian / Instagram
By Rima Pundir

Even those living under a rock would know of and about Kim Kardashian West, once the most profitable of the Kardashian clan before the Jenners debuted, and wife of music mogul Kanye West.

Now the mother of four children, this actress, businesswoman, socialite, and social media influencer is still going strong with her brand, Skims, a shape-enhancing under clothing one.

Kim just took to Instagram to post the latest offering of her line, and her picture has generated almost 3 million likes and all sorts of interesting comments. Read on...

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First, Let's Talk Red

Kim Kardashian in red hair
Kim Kardashian / Instagram

Just a week back, Kim Kardashian debuted red hair, and Instagram admits; she looks good.

With 2.7 million likes, clearly, fans like her new 'red hair don't care avatar' but others were more concerned about Kanye's run for president.

One fan requested Kim, "Please don’t let your husband run for President. Foolish move that is taking away votes from Biden. America is the laughing stock of the world..."

While another also wrote in, "You are canceled for supporting your husband with this potential running. Unfollowing you and vowing to never buy any of your products."

Here's Kanye's "announcement"...

Then Let's See Some White, Hot...

Kim Kardashian showing off Skims
Kim Kardashian / Instagram

While the picture here is a promotional post for the latest line of Skims, the shapewear brand of Kim Kardashian, the picture itself is worth a thousand words.

Instagram doubts if Kim has looked this hot, and her very 'proper' pose had fans calling her 'First Lady Kim', as on obvious reference to Kanye running for president!

The same Instagram user who called her first lady, @RudyBundini, also commented, "Kim is gonna take selfies from White House⁉️"

Others just drank in the beauty if the pic, saying, "Legs longer than the last hour at work?"

Or how about a waist smaller than a hand's width?

Kanye For President? No Thank You!

Kim Kardashian with Kanye West
Kim Kardashian / Instagram

Kim and Kanye West may be a happily married celebrity couple with a ton of social media followers and fans; but the presidential running seems to be an OTT, even for Kanye.

Fans have written comments like, "God bless America if ur going to be next to represent America and Kim to be first ‘lady’ lmao."

And, "Hahaha. What you can get away with if you're famous lolz."

So music and sexy pics are fine, but this is not the pair people want DT & Melania to be replaced by...

Especially not after Kanye posted this...

Throwback, Away From The Trolls

Kim Kardashian in dark hair
Kim Kardashian / Instagram

Kim, meanwhile, has taken refuge in "clearing her phone" and posting throwback pictures, because at least those are getting some positivity and love.

This picture of hers was posted with the caption, "Found this pic in my phone, I think I’m going back dark!" and got some 3.7 million likes.

While some fans were clear about their agenda with comments like, "Kim we don’t care about your hair please do something about your husband running for president"; others were slightly more appreciative, "ALSO, your husband has never voted as he admitted in his interview with David Letterman. Cool pic tho."

Here are some cool, cute pics too...

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