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Lisa Rinna Slays Instagram In 'Smoke & Fire' Birthday Suit With Nips Out

Gettyimages | Michael Tran Archive
By Rima Pundir

Lisa Rinna just turned 57 on July 11, and her gift to the world is on Instagram for all to see, in what seems to be a Playboy shoot with Rinna wearing little much but stockings and sass.

Surprisingly, Instagram has not noticed the nip slip, especially since they are out there in double force, and not been blotted out or covered with hearts as celebrities so very often do.

We guess its Lisa Rinna, and she can get away with everything, including being on social media in her very well-fitted birthday suit!

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Lisa Rinna Is A 'Hot Momma'

Lisa Rinna in a throwback family pic
Lisa Rinna / Instagram

Lisa Rinna may have begun her career as an actress, but she has evolved and become so much more since then. An Emmy-awarded talk show host, a reality TV star, a fashionista with her own line, and a successful author, Lisa has also been married to actor Harry Hamlin since 1997.

She and Hamlin share two daughters, Amelia Gray and Delilah Belle, and both of them are just as hot as their mom, being upcoming models on the runway, as well as on TV.

Here's Amelia Gray...

Rinna's Body 'Does Not Make Sense'

Lisa Rinna, pantless on Instagram
Lisa Rinna / Instagram

Just recently, Lisa Rinna also stunned the world with a shoot for Christian Cowal eyewear where she wore nothing but the sunglasses and her gorgeous skin.

In the photoshoot, however, everything "private" was hidden well with the poses and the discreet photography, but that's so not the case with Lisa Rinna's birthday pic.

Here go the eyewear shots in which Lisa Rinna proudly poses in the nude, forcing actress Andie MacDowell to comment, "Damn woman your body does not make sense how the hell do you do it I work out every day but I do not look like this honey..."

Happy Birthday, In A Birthday Suit

Lisa Rinna is patriotic in a bikini
Lisa Rinna / Instagram

The latest birthday picture that Rinna posted a day ago has already racked up 136,000 likes and the numbers will only grow when people discover the secrets of her toned and curvy body.

While Amelia Gray, her daughter, happily pointed out "OMG your nips r out", some people slammed her for a "Karen" not knowing she is Lisa Rinna's flesh and blood.

For those fans who cannot wait, scroll down for Lisa Rinna in all her nude glory, wearing the sassiest stocking and heels.

Instagram Agrees, Lisa Rinna Is Inspiring

Lisa Rinna in "RHOBH"
Lisa Rinna / Instagram

One fan wrote, "Happy Birthday @lisarinna 💓💓💓 if that isn’t everyone’s dream birthday suit at every single adult age then I don’t know what is!!!!! You are stunning and such fun to follow! 🎉" and lots of followers agreed.

Some called her a "hot mama" while others dubbed her "an icon", and "a rockstar in every way".

A few followers also self-deprecatingly mentioned that they could never get this body, but they still loved the fact that Rinna continued to inspire them.

Happy Birthday Lisa Rinna, "body goals".

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