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A Disconsolate Letter Britney Spears Allegedly Wrote Regarding Conservatorship & Divorce Revealed

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Britney Spears has had a lot happen in her life and through it all, she has found a way to her happy place. The singer is credited with bringing teen pop into the music industry and till date, many of her songs remain hits.

Recently, her former photographer, Andre Gallery revealed via TikTok that she once wrote a heart-wrenching letter about her status as a conservatee and divorce from her then-husband, Kevin Federline. He also read out the content of the letter and it moved a lot of people.

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Britney Spears debuts this iconic link showing her in a long-sleeve crop-top.
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The letter that Gallery alleged was written by the pop singer, is a copy of the original that was destroyed years ago. According to him, the letter was first written as a third person persona. It detailed the singer's personal life and how it went downhill.

Gallery became Spears' photographer in 2008 when he worked on her documentary on MTV titled "Britney: For The Record." However, it is unclear when he stopped being her personal photographer.

Presently, fans on TikTok are trooping in thousands to hear what he read out as the content of the letter allegedly written by Spears.

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He mentioned that he had been seeing the #FreeBritney trend for a few days and this compelled him to speak out. He went on to say that he began working with the "Pretty Girls" singer in 2008 during her comeback.

"We were on tour together for you know, a while and in that time, she gave me a letter hat she wanted me to read to you guys." He said.

After that, he read out the content of the letter in a string of videos on TikTok.

Britney Spears with a happy smile on her face, looks gorgeous in this orange crop top and denim short.
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Spears first sparked concern from her fans when she was caught on camera driving with her son on her thigh. She responded by saying it was a mistake, but she did that because of a scary experience with paparazzi.

By May 2007, Spears had visited several rehabilitation facilities, however, she continued with her musical career. Later that year, she lost custody of her kids to her husband, Federline, but the reason were shielded from the public.

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In 2008, Spears was taken to the hospital after the cops noticed that she was high from an unknown substance. The next day, a court rescinded her visitation rights, while Federline got full custody. Later on, she was kept on hold at a psychiatric ward in Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

Seeing the difficulty she was going through in handling her daily affairs due to her mental health, a court decided that Spears should be placed on permanent conservatorship. Her father, James Spears and lawyer, Andrew Wallet were given sole control of her entire asset.

Recently, fans took to social media to trend #FreeBritney calling for the court to grant her full access to her assets.

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