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Bella Thorne poses for a photo

Bella Thorne In Mexico Shower Not Suitable For 'Under 18s'

Bella Thorne/Instagram
By Rebecca Cukier

Bella Thorne's latest social media appearance comes with a warning – the content isn't for under 18s. The 22-year-old actress, singer, and "Life of a Wannabe Mogul" author has appeared in a new photo posted to boyfriend Benjamin Mascolo's Instagram. The Italian pop star who hasn't seen Bella for nearly five months on account of coronavirus is finally reunited with her – in Mexico, because Benjamin "isn't allowed" into the U.S. yet.

Scroll for Bella's insane Mexico photos, the shower snap, plus how COVID-19 has affected her relationship.

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Marking Mexico With A Bikini Snap

Bella Thorne kissing Benjamin Mascolo poolside
Benjamin Mascolo/Instagram

If you don't live inside Bella or Benjamin's Instagram accounts, these two have been busy jamming their feeds with updates from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The above photo saw the "Midnight Sun" actress flaunt her stunning curves while affirming her relationship status – things got steamier with Mascolo's Sunday snap.

The photo was a joint one. It showed the 2019-commenced couple hugging and backed by slate stacked stone in a walk-in shower. Mascolo was shirtless and showing off his tattoos. Bella appeared topless, but shot from the shoulders-up. More below.

Apparently, It's Over 18s Only

Benjamin Mascolo poses shirtless
Benjamin Mascolo/Instagram

Benjamin geo-tagged his post at Nobu Las Cabos, but he opted out of a worded caption, only posting an emoji of the number 18 with a circular strike-through. The shot follows his solo shower shot getting a "Well done @bellathorne" from a fan.

Bella, followed by 23.2 million and still celebrating her new "Infamous" movie hitting #1 spot at the U.S. box office, has been posting her own Mexico updates. They've come poolside, bikini-clad, and with major underboob. Scroll for what the actress has to say about Ben's U.S. travel issues, plus what looks like a ring – posted today.

He 'Isn't Allowed' Into The U.S. Yet

Bella Thorne poses in a bikini with Benjamin Mascolo
Benjamin Mascolo/Instagram

Bella has now clocked herself 1.1 million likes for her reunion photos, posted five days ago. The former Disney star posed with her beau, writing:

"After 5 months reunited & it feels so good ❤️ where shall we go next ??since ben isn’t allowed in America yet... and I can’t go to Italy unless I have a work permit there."

Fresh off-the-press is the rumor that Bella may actually be engaged to Mascolo. "Soon to be," she wrote with a ring emoji. More on it after the ring video.

Possibly Engaged At 22?

Bella Thorne poses for a bikini selfie
Bella Thorne/Instagram

Bella is definitely teasing a ring from the man who seems to have swept her off her feet. Her video earlier today came with a fat ring in selfie footage seeing Bella toy with her hair. The video racked up over half a million views in just two hours, also getting a fire emoji reply from Mascolo.

Prior to her relationship with Benjamin, Bella was in an open relationship with 21-year-old YouTuber Tana Mongeau and rapper Mod Sun. Scroll for more on Bella and Mascolo.

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