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Zac Efron with hair up

Zac Efron Looks Studly With Full Beard In Latest Netflix Series, Fans Call Him 'Daddy'

Gettyimages | Christopher Polk
By Jacob Highley

Zac Efron has impressed the media yet again, this time by debuting his latest fashion statement that has everyone smitten. The 32-year-old “Baywatch” stud’s iconic shaven and shirtless look has remained one of his sexiest “fashion” trends so-to-speak, but most can’t believe how mature the “High School Musical” star has become!

Followers of Efron’s social media will know that he has had a fairly large beard for some time now, but there are some recent unpublished changes which are now only being seen.

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Zac Efron wearing suit
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With his latest hairstyle change combined with a burly chest and some serious muscle tone, it isn’t hard to see why fans are calling him “daddy”. The “17 Again” actor has definitely been working at his physique. The star has quite the regimented health and fitness routine, but he is still very impressive.

During his interview with BBC Radio, “The Greatest Showman” actor had some fun reminiscing about his super successful, decade long acting career.

Plus it doesn’t heart that he started fairly young.

Never Again?

Zac Efron wearing jacket
Instagram @zacefron

Although some moments were more sentimental than others, Efron said it felt like yesterday for him when he looks back to his “HSM” days. It is also an interesting point to note that Zac considered the other cast members of that show to be his “friends” and that working alongside them was truly a memorable experience for him.

Although some of the more recent films like the aforementioned “Baywatch” movie really show off Zac’s physique, he has also gone on record saying he never wants to get into that kind of shape again.


Zac Efron shirtless
Instagram @zacefron

Which begs the question, is Zac still in that mindset? Is he not training as hard or as extensively? Some of his latest photos would suggest that he is doing a lot of physical training, but it is difficult to say at this point.

The answer may lie in how Zac sees himself. An inner strength of Efron’s is his modesty. It wasn’t until “17 Again” and the lesser-known movie “Me and Orson Welles” that released in 2008-2009 when he began to truly believe he could be a successful actor.

Prominence & Expecations

Zac Efron with shades
Instagram @zacefron

The idea that after such a phenomenal movie like “17 Again” an actor could still be doubting themselves is rather flabbergasting. By the time he was working on his next movie in 2009, Zac already had quite the reputation as a prominent actor.

Not to mention that in 2009, he was nominated for several awards for his various films like the award for "Favorite Star Under 35”.

Zac’s latest Netflix series is expected to perform very well and like this one fan said, many are eager:

“A bearded Zac Efron doing stuff while sometimes shirtless? I’m sold.”

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