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A lovely throwback photo showing Jessica Simpson singing her heart out on stage.

Jessica Simpson's 40th Birthday Picture Has Her Fans On Edge -- Find Out Why

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40 only comes once in a lifetime and Jessica Simpson intense to make the most out of it. When celebrities are in their 20s or 30s, they still feel carefree and some are controversial. However, when the big 40 comes, a lot of things are out in perspective. Suddenly, some things have to change for good or for the better.

The "I Wanna Love You Forever" is at that point in her life and she does not intend to stay for much longer, however, she would live her life and dreams the best way she can.

Jessica Simpson looks absolutely gorgeous in this green two-piece suit with a matching handbag and heels to match.
Instagram | Jessica Simpson

It’s a new decade of Simpson’s life and fans are excited for her. However, they had mixed reactions to her recent post. The former reality television star took to her Instagram page to share a lovely mirror selfie. She made the post in an effort to celebrate her fitness journey and the last day of her 30s.

In the photo, she had on a denim pant that she has had since she was 25.

“I have kept these throwback True Religion jeans in my closet for 14 years (I’m not exaggerating!).” She said.

A photo showing Jessica Simpson sporting a ripped design jean and short-sleeve sweater.
Instagram | Jessica Simpson

For many years now, Simpson has been vocal about her fitness lifestyle and how it has helped her in many ways. One of which was after she gave birth to her third child. It is unclear if the singer will continue with her fitness journey, as she is already an inspiration to a lot of people out there, who are finding it hard to take a step into fitness.

Back to the topic of the day, Simpson was so happy to celebrate her last 30s day with her fans, but what she did not count on was the response she would receive from some of them.

Jessica Simpson looks gorgeous in this pink suit and palazzo pant, paired with a black see-through inner wear and a black bag.
Instagram | Jessica Simpson

Some fans had positive reactions to the photo, while others did not. A lot of people aired their opinions on the reality star’s photo in the comment section of her post.

Speaking of the good and supportive comments, many fans and celebrities weighed in on the post. January Jones told the singer that she looked about 15 and absolutely amazing. She also commended Simpson’s hairstylist for doing such a great job.

Another friend, known as Ken Pavés, who has worked closely with her in the past also revealed that he remembers the throwback jeans she had on.

Jessica Simpson seen sporting a Leopard print jumpsuit with black boots.
Instagram | Jessica Simpson

Unfortunately, there were others in the comment section who did not take the photo well and expressed their thoughts immediately.

“Okay no more losing weight!! You have lost it all and then some! You’re good.” One user commented.

“You’re shrinking for fast it’s scary. Be safe beautiful.” Another user said.

In the past, Simpson was subjected to criticism and body shaming. In 2009, she went through the experience because critics said she had on a mom jeans for an appearance. Through it all, Simpson has tried to move forward no matter what she she is doing the same now.

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