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Kaley Cuoco Reveals Never-Before-Seen Photos In Stellar Birthday Tribute!

Kaley Cuoco / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Kaley Cuoco was champing at the bit to wish one of her BFF's a happy birthday and also dropped some special pics from their time together. The "Big Bang Theory" star has made it clear what some of the biggest passions in her life are; including dog rescue, coffee mugs, nightgowns, and of course ... horses! Cuoco not only owns multiple horses but she and her husband Karl Cook own and operate a stable named Pomponio Ranch in northern California.

Cook also competes professionally and the two have formed tight-knit bonds with many players in the horse world.

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Happy Birthday, Tracey!

Kaley Cuoco / Instagram

On Friday morning, Kaley Cuoco paid tribute to one of her closest friends, veteran horse trainer Tracey Wade. The actress explained how Wade has been instrumental in our equestrian life, as well as being a trusted and caring friend.

"HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a very special human in my life! @traceywade10 you are a queen! I don’t know what I would have done without you over recent years!

In celebration of the moment, Cuoco also dropped some photos in her post of herself and Wade over the years at various horse competitions and events.

Lots of Love

Kaley Cuoco / Instagram

Cuoco continued with her praise to her friend and mentor:

"Thank you for opening up my riding life and taking me to places I could only dream of.. thank you for finding me perfect horse after perfect horse.. thank you for basically spending the last 2 years building our new barn..thank you for being an amazing teacher , therapist and friend all at the same time! I love sharing this pony ride with you- I love you forever! Happy birthday !! To many many more together."

Kaley's sister, Bri Cuoco, also dropped some love in the post, commenting with a "Happy Birthday!" for Wade.

Horsin' Around

Kaley Cuoco / Instagram

Kaley Cuoco has shared her very personal world of horses with fans over the years, as it is a huge part of her life. The close community also has a habit of sharing some of their epic fail videos from years of riding stallions, and the "Big Bang Theory" actress got in on the fun earlier this year when she revealed one of the worst spills she had ever taken.

"The moment you realize all your equestrian friends are posting their show ring fails and now you have to do the same and you know there are tons but you really don't want to," Cuoco wrote on IG while trying to decide if she should submit her video.

She ended up sharing the footage, and it was hilarious. The most important thing, however, is that she got back on the horse after getting tossed!

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