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Olivia Culpo Tries To Sell Instagram Her 'Cute Sunnies' In A Ruffled White Bikini

Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison
By Rima Pundir

Social media influencer, model, and reality TV star Olivia Culpo is busy crushing Instagram with hot bikini pictures that are raising the heat.

On Friday, Culpo posted two pictures of her in the cutest white bikini with ruffles, in a bid to sell a pair of sunglasses that she had designed.

All her fans saw was that awesome body and that gorgeous face that Olivia could launch a thousand ships with, much like the legendary Helen of Troy.

Plus, she has someone new in her life too...

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Want Olivia Culpo's 'Sunnies'?

Olivia Culpo stuns in a white bikini
Olivia Culpo / Instagram

What did fans see when they saw this gorgeous picture of Olivia, flashing that beautiful smile and showing off a sun-kissed body?

Certainly not the sunglasses, aka sunnies? Right? But that's what Olivia Culpo had on her mind when she wrote, "Me thinking about how you guys will be able to buy these cute sunnies I designed on Tuesday at a great price" and then gave the link where her fans could purchase the sunnies.

Fans were simply blown away by that spectacular picture, so we are sure, sales with be up.

Meanwhile, here's Olivia swimming with a turtle...

Quite The Goddess

Olivia Culpo in a navy bikini
Olivia Culpo / Instagram

Culpo also recently shared more holiday pics with her fans that left one wondering "and traveling these days is okay because?".

Of course, since social media has turned Culpo into a goddess, and goddesses do not deign to reply to their devotees on social media, Culpo did not specify why.

And she did not even respond to a fan begging her, "Omg you look so beautiful. Please comment back I beg you. You are my hero and inspiration".

Hero or not, she sure is gorgeous. Especially in a mask...

She Looks Amazing In White

Olivia Culpo stuns in white
Olivia Culpo / Instagram

Of course, even with clothes, Olivia Culpo manages to exude a sensuality few other women could, and fans hollered in tandem, "white looks amazing on you".

Considering the white is pretty transparent, we bet it does. The 2012 Miss Universe pageant winner only seems to be getting hotter and looks barely out of college even though she is 28.

She captioned this picture as "Last day here now back to reality to meet Oliver Sprinkles!!!!"

Wondering who Oliver is, considering Culpo is dating football player Christian McCaffrey?

Meet The New Man In Her Life

Olivia Culpo with her pooch, Oliver Sprinkles
Olivia Culpo / Instagram

How mind-blowingly cute is Oliver Sprinkles? Right?

Culpo captioned this picture as "Listening to spa music on our way home 🧘‍♀️ Welcome home Oliver Sprinkles!!!" and the puppy in her lap looks so much like a little stuffed pooch, it's hard to believe he's real and has his own Instagram page for that matter.

Comments read like "Sweet thang! Awe congratulations you two puppy parents! Mini golden doodle?" and "Omg I thought your dog was a stuffed animal. That's how cute it is"...

But then, 'bacon has never looked cuter' either...

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