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Fans Beg For A Peek As Britney Spears Teases Instagram With Her 'Muffins'

Britney Spears / Instagram
By Rima Pundir

Pop queen Britney Spears who once ruled music charts with songs like "Oops I did It Again" and "Womanizer" has become very Instagram savvy these days. So much so, she seems to come up with a post literally every day, and yet each of her posts end up sparking rumors about whether or not Britney is okay...

While usually her posts are all about dancing, positivity, clothes, fitness, hair or makeup, and her boyfriend, this time it was more kitchen oriented.

But fans feel Britney is not okay...

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Britney Talks Muffins On Instagram

Britney Spear's latest posts are sparking concerns on Instagram
Britney Spears / Instagram

On Thursday, where celebrities generally post throwback pictures, Spears posted a picture of her in her usual bangs, crop top, and dark eyes, writing, "I made cherry 🍒 muffins with brown sugar this morning …. I left them in the oven just a touch 👌 longer so they would be crisp ..... I prefer the BITE..."

The post has already generated more than 368,000 likes, and the top comment had to be Sam Asghari's, Britney's boyfriend, who wrote, "Please turn off the oven before the gym burns down again".

Funny, sure, but then again, so is this "catwalk"...

Fans Wonder If All Is Okay?

Instagram doesn't think Britney is okay
Britney Spears / Instagram

Britney continued saying, "Pssss I would show you a pic of my muffins …… but anything I make in the kitchen with my two hands goes in my stomach. GOD BLESS YOU ALL !!!!!!".

Somehow, fans read into this message as well, fearing all was not okay with Britney.

One comment read, "I love Britney. Scroll down to the posts from 2018 and compare them to now. Something is happening and we must protect her!" And it got more than 200 likes as well, showing fans are really concerned about their queen.

The queen is busy dancing away though...

Instagrammers Tell Britney To Wear Red

Fans want Britney to wear red
Britney Spears / Instagram

One fan even reached out to her, saying, "Britney... if you're in danger, take photos outside with your dogs. WE LOVE YOU."

Others asked her to wear red or pink in her next post if she was in trouble and needed any kind of help.

Still more decided cherry equaled red, and this was Britney Spears reaching out to the public in code red, asking for a rescue.

Clearly, fans are ready to do anything for their queen, even if it means conspiracy theories with one fan quizzing, "is she even alive?".

As per this video, yeah, very much...

Others Simply Wanted To See Her 'Muffins'

Britney Spears and her 'muffins'
Britney Spears / Instagram

Thankfully, not every fan spoke about "rescuing" Britney from all sorts of dire straits.

One wrote, "Ok the bangs are so good!!! You look amazing. Stay well girl" and got more than 300 likes for the positivity shown.

Another wrote, "God bless YOU and your cherry muffins. We Stan a muffin queen"...

Of course, since she so cheekily spoke about her "muffins", plenty fans took the opportunity to beg Britney for a peek.

And no, no one's talking food anymore.

Meanwhile, here's Britney talking chili hotdogs and designer clothes...

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