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Bella Thorne poses with bunches

Bella Thorne Gets 'Healthier' In Revealing Workout On Instagram

Bella Thorne/Instagram
By Rebecca Cukier

Bella Thorne took less than 15 minutes to have Instagram commenting on her "red" cheeks today – well, a hardcore workout will bring a glow. The 22-year-old actress, singer, and "Life of a Wannabe" mogul author updated her account on Thursday with a power sweat session seemingly spurred by Italian pop star boyfriend Benjamin Mascolo.

If you don't live inside Bella's Instagram, she's currently in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Boyfriend Benjamin "isn't allowed" into the U.S. yet, with the luxury getaway seeing the couple reunited after five months apart. Check out the video, plus Bella's hottest photos below.

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If You Missed Yesterday's Action

Bella Thorne poses kissing Benjamin Mascolo while bikini-clad
Bella Thorne/Instagram

Scroll for the video. It comes less than 24 hours after Bella posted a stunning, sun-kissed, and very smoochy snap with her boyfriend while bikini-clad. Today showed how the former Disney star achieves that body.

Bella's video showed her using ceiling-suspended stirrups to hold her legs while working her upper body strength and training those abs in resistance work – the camera took in the star's killer curves and muscles via a tiny black sports bra and skimpy shorts. More after the video.

Boyfriend 'Forcing Me To Get Up Early' For The Gym

Bella Thorne poses in jeans and a blue top
Bella Thorne/Instagram

A caption from the "Infamous" actress shouted out her beau. "Ben's been forcing me to get up early go to the gym and be healthier. Get yourself a partner that makes YOU better ❤️🌌," she wrote.

A full explanation of Benjamin's situation – COVID-19 had him stuck in Italy until this week – was also provided in Bella's Tuesday update: "After 5 months reunited & it feels so good ❤️ where shall we go next ??since ben isn’t allowed in America yet... and I can’t go to Italy unless I have a work permit there," she stated. Skip the jump for Bella's swim bikini invite.

Face 'Turning Red' Has Fans Melting

Bella Thorne poses in a sweater with red hair
Bella Thorne/Instagram

Bella, followed by 23.2 million on Instagram and currently celebrating latest "Infamous" movie hitting #1 spot at the U.S. box office, had her fans right on this update. The actress clocked herself over 40,000 views in under 40 minutes. She also received plenty of comments. "Your face turns red 😍🤣," one fan wrote. "Amazing to see u workin out 🔥🔥," another said. Bella had already teased workout tutorials earlier this year. Clearly, the star who celebrated 4/20 with weed and pizza on Instagram knows how to burn the calories off. Bikini body cheekiness below.

Stunning Bikini Body Lights Up Instagram

Bella Thorne poses for a bikini selfie
Bella Thorne/Instagram

Bella, who has clocked over 6 million views for her quarantine bikini video, has been keeping the swimwear updates strong amid the pandemic. 4th of July saw the star go semi-bohemian under blue skies in a cloud-print bikini, with a more revealing and cheekier look donned earlier this month – Bella rocked an orange bikini and schoolgirl bunches to ask Instagram: "Wanna go for a swim?"

Bella and beau Benjamin appear fully smitten with one another since commencing their romance in 2019. Scroll for him licking Bella's toes in that revealing car video.

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