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Courtney Stodden Slammed By Instagram For 'Giving Herself Away For Free' Over Booby Pic

Gettyimages | Michael Tullberg
By Rima Pundir

Courtney Stodden, best known for marrying a man way, way older than her, and wearing clothes that reveal more than they cover, is under fire from Instagram users.

This time, it's the clothes again, and her lack of makeup and jewelry does not deter her from showing off what she would consider being her best assets, her ample breasts.

Obviously, curves sell, and they sell pretty well on social media. But sometimes, a little can be a lot and Stodden is being berated for doing what she does best...

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Courtney As Marilyn? Hardly, Say Fans

Courtney Stodden chanelling Marilyn Monroe
Courtney Stodden / Instagram

This is not the first time Stodden is facing a backlash from her followers. About a week back, Stodden put up a rather demure picture of her trying to emulate a Marilyn Monroe look, and some fans were having none of it.

One wrote, "you don't even come close honey. M.M. was a lady."


Meanwhile, another fan had a more practical, if money-minded idea and wrote, "Did you ever consider putting out a calendar? I think it would be a wonderful idea!"...

Here's some more of Stodden being Monroe-ish...

Fans Say OTT To Busty Pic

Courtney Stodden's booby pic got a backlash from Instagram
Courtney Stodden / Instagram

Courtney Stodden posted this picture of her yesterday, and captioned it, "Sooo hard at work on my new single Side Effects that I show up with zero hair or makeup. Some people come with side effects ... so do relationships and love. Stay tuned!"

One user tried to explain things to her, writing, "Why must every photo you post include your breasts? You have talent and a beautiful personality! You don’t need to show skin all the time for people to like you. This is all people see!!! Stop giving yourself away for free, you’re worth more than that!!"

But then again, here's Stodden chanelling her inner Ariel, so there...

Courtney Clapped Back At The Fan

Courtney Stodden doing a bikini jig
Courtney Stodden / Instagram

Of course, one doesn't become Courtney Stodden by simply listening quietly to the trolls, else she would not have married Doug Hutchison when he was 50 and she was a mere 16.

To the fan who doled out advice on what Stodden should do with her breasts, Stodden replied, "I can have my girls out and do whatever the hell I like. It’s 2020. Hello!"

One Instagram user stood up for Courtney, writing, "She doesn’t need you to tell her anything. Get a life! Be positive or don’t comment bye!"

Hot Tubbing With Brian Austin Green

Courtney Stodden exploring daddy issues in a yacht
Courtney Stodden / Instagram

But Stodden has been on a roll of sorts, and when she recently posted a video of hers with Brian Austin Green, aka the recently dumped ex-husband of Megan Fox, the trolls were out in full force.

One wrote, "Classy. I’m sure you won’t be embarrassed to be all coked up on the internet tomorrow" while another made fun of Green, and the fact that he "didn't have a job for 25 years".

But the crown had to go to this comment which got more than a 100 likes, "Looks like they both downgraded b"...

Gott hurt, but watch the video, and the pupils...

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