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Hannah Palmer Tugs At Bikini Top Setting Instagram On Fire With Bombshell Assets

Hannah Palmer / Instagram
By Rima Pundir

Hannah Palmer, an American model, and all-around bombshell just took to Instagram and posted more sizzling pics, enough for her 1.6 million followers to feel the heat, and then some.

This Arizona native has been crushing Instagram with her stunning face and perfect body for a while now, and her fan base keeps expanding at a cool rate.

All of 22 years old, Palmer sure knows how to keep her followers interested in her, and with those looks, she doesn't even have to try too hard...

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Hannah's Green Bikini Is Lucky

Hannah uploaded this picture of hers in a bright pastel green bikini yesterday, with the caption "make you feel lucky", and this post of hers has already generated some 82,000 likes.

Comments ranged from sedate "Can u be any hotter" and "You are such a stunningly beautiful woman" to more NSFW proposals of men wanting to marry her, or even offering to be her sugar daddy.

Only, we think Hannah here is doing fine for herself, what with promoting her swimwear line and all, like this one...

Hannah Is Grateful, So Are Fans

Another of her posts has already ratcheted up more than 124,000 likes, and in this, she is wearing a taupe bikini, with a skirt-like bottom splayed out across her legs.

While she captioned this post as "grateful", fans seemed grateful too as she posed with her hand tugging her bikini a little lower, showing off her twin assets to their best advantage.

No wonder one fan wrote, "Hello beautiful eyes and beautiful mouth and beautiful blonde hair"... Blown away, aren't they?

Forget Bikini, Here's Lingerie

Another of Hannah's posts opened with her looking winsomely at the camera with the caption, "missing you already".

While we are sure most fans had no idea who she was missing, or why, most were quick to respond with plenty of "miss you too's".

Fans wanted her to be with them, and one of them wrote, "how cool would it be if you missed me?"

Meanwhile, it seems Hannah Palmer is also goddess-like, in that she doesn't reply to her fans or their comments. Now, Hannah, that's not very nice, is it?

Fans Feel For Hannah

When Hannah uploaded another lingerie clad picture of hers with the caption, "feeling some way", it got almost 150,000 likes.

And plenty of comments as well, like "Oh Hannah , I’m Feeling that Same way too !! 😍🔥🥂"

Another fan extrapolated on her best feature, writing, "Its no secret, you know you're gorgeous, but that smile of yours is everything!"

With that face and body, Hannah is clearly eating her cake and having it too. See the post below if you don't believe us...

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