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Ayesha Curry poses by a lake

Ayesha Curry Likely Paid $20,000+ For Stunning Weight Loss Reveal On Instagram

Ayesha Curry/Instagram
By Rebecca Cukier

Ayesha Curry's stunning 35-pound weight loss just got showcased in the skimpiest look – with what was likely a not-so-skimpy price tag. The 31-year-old cookbook queen and wife to Golden State Warriors player Steph Curry made headlines yesterday for showing off her whittled-down quarantine body – Ayesha's double set of photos came with spandex booty shorts, a watermelon-pink sports bra, and ripped muscles. The "Family Food Fight" host, followed by 7.3 million on Instagram, also offered a caption – that kicked off with "paid partnership."

Scroll for the photos, just how much this star can earn per post, plus the Play-Doh promo that proved unappreciated by some fans.

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35 Pounds Down And She Pushed Out Three Kids

Ayesha Curry poses in a bikini outdoors
Ayesha Curry/Instagram

Ayesha, who recently revealed the clothing item husband Steph finds "sexy" on her – it's those Birkenstocks – had posted two home snaps. Both showed the mom of three kitted out in Under Armour gym wear and sadly, for Steph, no sandals. The sneaker-clad photos that were 100% gym bunny came captioned: "I started my fitness journey because I wanted to be strong and healthy for myself and the people who depend on me."

Ayesha continued by promoting popular fitness technology FitBit. More below.

Rock-Hard Body, Fans Have Already Questioned Insta-Pay

Ayesha Curry poses in sports wear
Ayesha Curry/Instagram

Scroll for the May Play-Doh photo that sparked a major storm as a fan wrote: ""Her husband earns about 60 million dollars a year and she’s doing ads 🤔🤔."

Meanwhile, Tuesday's post closed in promo mode as Ayesha wrote: "I am beyond excited to share them with you through a new exclusive series with @Fitbit with episodes rolling out all summer long. You can access my content on Premium within the Fitbit App, which you can try out for FREE!" The star herself did not, however, promote FitBit for free – fans likely wouldn't blame her. Check out the earning potentials below.

How Much Did She Get Paid?

Ayesha Curry poses for a gym selfie
Ayesha Curry/Instagram

Pay on Instagram directly correlates with following. The more followers, the more you can net. Handy calculator Influencer Marketing Hub allows users to type in any Instagram handle and generate estimated, per-post earnings based on following and average likes. Kylie Jenner, for instance, stands to earn up to $610,000 per post based on her 184 million followers. Less than the $1 million-per-post she once fronted media outlets for earning.

Ayesha's engagement rate is 4.57%. Her average likes stand at 336,000+. Her estimated per-post pay is anywhere between $14,651 and $24,418. Skip the jump for more.

That Bounty Towel Butt-Wipe

Ayesha Curry poses by laundry machines
Ayesha Curry/Instagram

Video below. Ayesha made headlines at the end of June for returning in promo mode for popular household brand Bounty. The "Sweet July" founder who'd set out to make Gordon Ramsay meet his match while dabbing raw salmon with Bounty's towels wound up having IG noticing a sneaky moment.

Ayesha had casually wiped her hands on her jeans-clad rear, and it was literally all her followers could talk about. The video, below, came with responses including: "Looks great! You have Bounty wipes and still managed to wipe your hands on your jeans! 🤷🏽‍♀️🙃🤣." "The pants wipe for me," another had written.

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