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Nicole Young and Dr.Dre photographed together

Dr. Dre & Nicole Young Will Move to Wrap Up Their Divorce 'Quickly,' Says Legal Expert

Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison
By Chris Barilla

Although Dr. Dre and Nicole Young may now be engaged in the proceedings following their divorce announcement, that does not mean that the situation will get messy for the two former lovebirds. Although the negotiations may prove to be pricey for the rapper, who is worth an estimated $800 million, top experts in the field are claiming that he will move to quickly and amicably resolve the situation without the need for much legal intervention or a drawn-out​ court process.


Holly Davis, a founding partner at Austin, Texas-based law firm Kirker Davis commented on the case from an unbiased perspective, saying that she feels as though the situation will be resolved quickly despite the large amount of money on the table.

"I would imagine they would want to put a bow on this pretty quickly," she told 'Fox' about the developing divorce case and how she feels as though it will play out in the near future, citing Dre's business canny as precedence.

Dr. Dre and Kanye West photographed together
Dr. Dre / Instagram

"They're both super savvy. They've got a lot to lose with publicity," Davis, who specializes in high-profile divorce cases told the publication of what she expects to transpire for the couple soon.

The attorney then went on to commend Dre for his past negotiations and say that those decisions tell how he'll handle the arrangements between him and Young going forward.

"Dr. Dre is a musical genius and he is an entrepreneur, and you don't get Apple to pay you $3 billion for your Beats product without being really savvy about your contracts," she said.

Dr. Dre poses for a photo
Dr. Dre / Instagram

Aside from Davis, Peter M. Walzer, another prominent attorney in the Los Angeles area representing the Walzer Melcher family law firm commented that a quick and quiet move to resolve the divorce proceedings would be the former couple's best option, even suggesting they call in a retired third-party judge to mediate.

"Well, of course, anything he acquired before marriage is his separate property, with or without an agreement and sold Beats during the marriage and there doesn't appear to be a separate component to it," he said.


"So she's going to get half of what he's worth," the lawyer went on to say, mentioning a silver lining, "But the good news for Dr. Dre is she probably won't need spousal support. She asked for temporary support and she'll probably get it and that will be huge by our standards, it will be probably hundreds of thousands of dollars a month, and she'll be entitled to that. But it's in Dr. Dre's interest to settle that out and figure, 'Hey, you're going to get a tremendous amount of money – probably hundreds of millions of dollars – and you won't need support,' and they'll make a deal."

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