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Demi Rose poses for a photo

Demi Rose 'Struggles' In Rainbow Bikini That Can't Contain Her

Demi Rose/Instagram
By Rebecca Cukier

Demi Rose was straight-up described as having a bit of a "struggle" as she showcased her jaw-dropping curves in a tiny rainbow bikini yesterday. The 25-year-old model and social media sensation whose fierce cleavage and flawless beauty have earned her a following of 14.1 million updated her Instagram stories with a little selfie footage that went little on the swimwear and large on the curves.

If you don't live inside Demi's Instagram, the Brit who recently complained of having "all this crochet bikini stuff" she can't wear appears to have caught a break. She's traveling again. Scroll for the photos.

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Bikini Bombshell Back On The 'Gram

Demi Rose poses on a boat in a peach bikini
Demi Rose/Instagram

Scroll for snippets from the stories – they mark over four months of life being on halt as Demi quarantined in London amid admissions of anxiety, "bare" grocery shelves, and the headline-making birthday post where the star pulled down her bikini top to throw COVID-19 the middle finger.

Demi, who showed her packing status – but didn't indicate her destination – had filmed herself glammed-up, pool-ready, and definitely showing off those assets. The rainbow vibe went from the bikini to the earrings – check out the look below.

She's Part Of The 'Aries Gang'

Demi Rose poses in a rainbow bikini
Demi Rose/Instagram

Proving that she isn't just a pretty face, Demi captioned her footage with a direct reference to the Aries brand of sweatpants, also her star sign. Eyes may well, however, have been higher up as the brunette flaunted her stunning figure in a dangerously low-cut, rainbow-colored, and thin-strapped bikini top matching a glittery pair of hoop earrings. Some side-boob may have drawn the eye, but the "wardrobe malfunction" Demi was reported to be nearing never happened – this girl's a pro. More below.

All The 'Crochet Bikini Stuff' She Can't Wear

Demi Rose poses on the beach while reading in a bikini
Demi Rose/Instagram

Demi made headlines earlier on this year for sharing her lock-down frustrations – sadly, the model was also body-shamed as a troll told her she was getting fat in quarantine. Rose shared her thoughts via her stories, saying: "All I have with me is crochet stuff and bikinis. I'm sick of wearing all the other stuff that I bought that is loungey. What is your bet that this will be over in June, July, August... What do you think, like never?"

Skip the jump for Demi's lingerie fridge photo.

Quarantine Captions Get Witty

Demi Rose poses at home with her dogs
Demi Rose/Instagram

Demi has also been keeping those Instagram captions pandemic-themed. She kicked isolation off by sunbathing fully nude with pal Kinsey, then returning for another mention of lock-down by posing in suspender thong lingerie by a refrigerator and writing that there was "nothing to do but go back and forth from the fridge." Shortly before jetting off to her as-yet-unknown location, Rose was photographed by British paparazzi at a London Pret-A-Manger chain.

Cheely fridge photo is below. If Hannah Palmer spread-legged and licking her birthday cupcake is up your alley, push through for that.

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