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An amazing throwback photo of Lisa Rinna with her debut blonde hair and on-fleek make-up.

Lisa Rinna 'A Smokeshow' In Star-Spangled Bikini For 4th Of July

Lisa Rinna/Instagram
By Favour

The 4th of July met a lot of celebrities in good spirits and Lisa Rinna was one of them. The American actress showed everyone on Instagram what it feels like to be her on a holiday. Many people go to the beach and when they take pictures, they look rusty on the side or do not have the perfect lighting to match with their faces.

However, Rinna found a way to work around that and bring out the best out of a beach photo shoot session.

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The 56-year-old showed off her glamorous and amazing body at the beach and if she affected her fans so much, what did the people at the beach think? For starters, anyone who saw Rinna at the beach on the 4th of July would have had nothing to say but ‘incredibly sexy.’

Heading towards the big 60, but Rinna could pass off as a woman in her early 30s to a total stranger. Is it the food or workout, because a lot of people need to hear from the horse’s mouth.

An amazing photo featuring Lisa Rinna in a black leather pant and shirt, and she is showing off her yoga side in a long sofa.
Twitter | Lisa Rinna

Rinna’s post on Instagram had thousands of likes and comments from fans who could not stop drooling over the actress’ body in that awesome beach wear.

For starters, she had on a blue and pink two piece bikini that left absolutely nothing to the imagination. The bikini bra was blue with pink and white star shaped designed all over it. It’s straps however, were pink color. The panties also had side-by-side straps, which she tied firmly into beautiful knots to keep it firm and steady.

A photo showing Lisa Rinna and her colleague during an interview, seated at the edges of a white sofa and they look stunning.
Twitter | Lisa Rinna

Not only was Rinna’a beach wear a gorgeous piece that her fans loved on her, her physical appearance was also stunning. Fans could quickly forget a face, but not a body that looked as amazing as Rinna’s .

The toned skin and arm, flourishing biceps and triceps was everything that fans loved about the actress on the beach. She has never looked a day older and if anyone could spill the secrets of such an amazing body, it would be Rinna.

Hurry and ask her now on Instagram!

An amazing phot showing Lisa Rinna sporting a yellow and black design off-shoulder dress.
Instagram | Lisa Rinna

The photo was also accompanied with a lovely caption that wished everyone a great 4th of July. She also told her fans that the one thing they can categorize her with is consistency.

Thousands of the “RHOBH” star swarmed her comment section and showered her with love and affection. Some celebrities like Kelly Ripa also cheered the actress by calling her a favorite.

“Wow, you’re such an inspiration for all women over 40!! Amazing!!!” One user commented.

“Your body is amazing, but it’s your love of life attitude that’s fantastic.” Another user commented.

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