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A lovely photo showing January Jones smiling beautifully during an interview with ET Online.

January Jones Dictates Independence Day Rules In Swimsuit With Beer On Instagram

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By Favour

Most people know that January Jones is the queen of goofiness on and off the big screens. Even when she is trying to be serious, fans can still detect the traits in her. It’s natural and there is nothing she can do about it now. Not that her fans are asking her to change anything in the first place.

The actress is literally a sight for sore eyes anytime she shares a photo, his on live or just shared her healthy facial routine with her fans.

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An awesome photo of January Jones and her fully friend spending quality time together over a can of soda.
Instagram | January Jones

Jones has been in the public eyes for as long as anyone can remember and aside from the fact that she never has a dull moment, she is a talented actress. Since the pandemic began, she has been preaching to the world about how important it is to stay safe and on 4th of July, she used that opportunity to remind everyone again.

In fact, the “Unknown” actress debuted her list of rules that she thinks everyone watching her should follow on 4th and every other day.

A lovely photo showing January Jones with a straight face, dressed in a yellow shirt with colored flower prints.
Instagram | January Jones

Over the years; in her career and life as a person, Jones has a lot to be thankful for and she wants to continue having these opportunities. This is why her first message to her fans on the holiday, was for them to try as much as possible to stay safe.

We’ll get back to the rules in a bit, first of all, Jones looked absolutely gorgeous in her gap wear and fans could not stop speaking about it in the comment section of her post.

A photo of January Jones hanging out outside her home, wearing a blue dress with black shades to shield her eyes from the scorching sun.
Instagram | January Jones

In the video that Jones posted on Instagram, she had on a white and red bikini top and a beautiful long gold chain was dangling around her neck. She also had on a round brown hat and denim short. She was seated in front of a garden filled with green leaves and the smile on her face was breath-taking. Beside her chair, was a mini USA flag flapping in any direction the wind blew it to.

When the clip began, she mentioned her full name and began to urge her fans and everyone to take precautions during this period and avoid going out unnecessarily.

Giphy | The Last Man On Earth

“I just wanted to say have a wonderful 4th of July, be safe— if you leave your residence, wear a mask, don’t litter, don’t drink and drive or light things on fire.” She pleaded.

The video was also accompanied with a caption for her fans and loved ones on social media.

“Happy 4th of July! Be as free as the rules allow! US.” She said.

In minutes, Jones’ comment section was swamped with comments from her lovely fans and many of them were in awe that she did not look a day older.

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