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Ivanka Trump looks gorgeous in her straight blonde weave and a perfect smile that lit up her face.

Ivanka Trump Frills Up In Denim Dress & Pigtails In 4th Of July Photo

Samuel Corum/Getty Images
By Favour

Ivanka Trump always looks gorgeous in her photos, so it is no surprise that she decided to keep that flow during the holidays. It’s almost like the media can never catch her in a bad mood or with a weird expression on her face. That is what the media gets from someone who is always smiling when a camera is in front of her.

The gorgeous looking Ivanka made it a date with her family on the 4th of July and they all looked amazing.

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A amazing photo of Ivanka Trump dressed in a long white coat and pant to match and she is standing at the entrance of a large garden with a smile on her face.
Instagram | Ivanka Trump

With everything that has been happening in the country, the Independence Day, was a moment for citizens to reflect on the past and try to move forward with their futures. It was also a time that a lot of people got to breathe easy for the first time since the beginning of this moment.

This year, almost seems like everyone missed a holiday and they have to take it compulsorily. Everyone celebrated the holiday the best way they could and for Ivanka, she got to almost twinnie with her husband.

An awesome photo showing Ivanka Trump, mounted on the back of a beautiful horse in the woods and she is dressed in cowboy hat, shirt with denim pant and boots.
Instagram | Ivanka Trump

On the 4th of July, the daughter of the current president of the United States, took to her Instagram page to share an awesome photo. In this photo, Ivanka shared a warm and beautiful smile with her husband, Jared Kishner and three children, Arabella, Joseph and Theodre.

The gorgeous couple held their lovely children and posed in a very beautiful location outside their home. The background of the photo showed a large and green-filled valley and the sky was as blue and beautiful as ever.

A photo from the sidelines showing Ivanka Trump and President Donal Trump smiling beautifully during a meeting.
Instagram | Ivanka Trump

From the right, the photo showed Ivanka dressed in a denim gown with a pleated design around the neck and heel sandals. Also, her hair was parted in the middle to separate into two beautiful parts, that were later turned into short and beautiful cornrows. Her make-up was on point and she matched it with a dark shade of rare lipstick.

The next person was Joseph Fredrick Kushner, the second of three children, who was born in 2013. He had on a blue polo shirt, white short, sneakers and white socks to match.

Giphy | Chelsea Handler

Then we have Jared Kushner, who also rocked a blue shirt and denim pant with a pair of trainers. Next to him was Arabella Rose Kushner, the first child of the family, born in 2011. She graced the photo in a white shirt and scarf around her neck, blue shirt and gold color boots. Talk about the fashion queen of the home.

Finally, we have Theodore James Kushner. Like his brother Joseph, he also had on a pair of blue shirt, white short, but he paired his outfit with a white sneakers instead.

The picture was accompanied with a caption that reads;

“Happy 4th of July! US”

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