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Britney Spears

#FREEBRITNEY: Britney Spears 'Has Zero Control' & 'No Rights' -- Darkest Details In <1 Minute

Britney Spears | Instagram
By Alyssa McCraw

Dark details underneath the need to #FreeBritney were summarized in a new viral video ...also included: why cyberbullying Britney Spears needs to stop.

It's received 7.3 million views on TikTok (where it was originally posted). Over on Twitter, a single re-upload currently sits at over 6 million views of its own.

The clip's creator, @moonwalkmars (or "Mars Monroe"), side-by-sided his 45-second message with a recent dance video from Spears - one of the many being ripped to shreds via mental health shaming.

The audience? "Everyone who is making fun of her in the comments section."

"Here are [sic] a few things you should know. This woman has no rights."

Allegedly Given 'An Excess Amount' Of Medicine 'So She's Submissive To Her Handlers'

TikTok's @moonwalkmars spills the #FreeBritney tea over July 4th weekend
"Mars Monroe" / Britney Spears | TikTok

"She is given an excess amount of anti psychotic medication to give her the appearance of being mentally incoherant," Monroe wrote.

"This is so she is complicit and submissive to her handlers."

"She is under a legal conservatorship that is managed by her father and team. This has been in place for almost 12 years."

"She cannot drive, shop, get married, have children, make music or retire without permission."

An all-smiles Spears emerged on-screen at that moment, keeping her happy appearance in line with The Weeknd's "Blinding Lights."

Britney Spears 'Has Zero Control Over Her Life Or Career'

@moonwalkmars says that Britney Spears "is not allowed to conduct live interviews.  She has zero control over her life or career."
"Mars Monroe" / Britney Spears | TikTok

Monroe added that Britney "is not allowed to conduct live interviews. She has zero control over her life or career."

"Because of her medication, she is constantly bloated and looks in a state of disarray and emptiness."

"In 2019, she refused to take the extra medication she was given outside of her bipolar meds, and was thrown in a 1 star LA mental facility, where she remained for 3 months under false pretenses."

He echoed the heart of #FreeBritney which believes "she is being dr*gged and exploited for money."

LISTEN: 'Leaked 911 Calls' From Britney Spears

Britney Spears poses in front of the pool
Britney Spears | Instagram

"Her phone and social media as well as any outsdie connections are heavily monitored."

Some sources say Britney's off-beat social posts aren't her own, but are actually specifically tailored by her team to "sound" the way they do.

"She is almost 40 and has the rights of a child under 10," he continued, "And the cycle doesn't end because her 'treatment' make her look more unstable."

If the public wants proof, Monroe said, "there are leaked 911 calls referring to her father's blackmail."

#FREEBRITNEY & The 'Forbidden Album'

"Mars Monroe" / Britney Spears | TikTok

In the final five seconds, Monroe detailed "an entire album she was not allowed to release" - referring to a 2005 project titled "Original Doll."'s section on Spears slates "Original Doll" as the "'forbidden album' that was more in-depth to the sadness of her life."

And forbidden it was - even by her longtime label Jive Records (who denied the album's existence...even though she'd just debuted one of its songs on-radio a week prior).

Monroe's message to the multi-millions is this:

"Please delete hateful comments and share this video. #FREEBRITNEY."

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