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Selena Gomez smiles for photographers

Activist Stacey Abrams Discusses Her Takeover Of Selena Gomez's Instagram Account

Gettyimages | Tibrina Hobson
By Chris Barilla

Stacey Abrams, notable lawyer, author, politician and activist may have met the biggest audience of her career yet when she was given the reigns of superstar Selena Gomez's Instagram account on June 16 to help promote a bevy of social justice initiatives and provide useful information to the well over 100 million people that the singer counts as followers. Now, Abrams is opening up about her feelings having such a massive audience during such a divisive time in American society.

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Stacey Abrams poses for photographers
Stacey Abrams / Instagram

"I was privileged to be in communication with Selena. We had a really thoughtful conversation about the work that I've been doing, not only around voter suppression and the census, but why," Abrams told 'The Hollywood Reporter' of her time planning the massive takeover with the pop star. Gomez is one of the five most followed people on Instagram, commanding roughly 181 million followers. She joined the likes of Lady Gaga and Gwyneth Paltrow in turning over her account to be used for good for the day.

Stacey Abrams photographed candidly
Stacey Abrams / Instagram

"This is how we create economic and social progress and these are tools, not ends of themselves but tools, for how we make the change. That’s what Selena is so committed to," explained Abrams about the immense power that projecting information to nearly 200 million people through social media can carry, and how grateful she is that Gomez is such an adamant supporter of the cause that would allow her to take heed of her account in such a manner.


"We had extraordinary response from just a cross section of folks because that's what Selena draws. She draws this amazing cross section of people to her because they trust her voice, because they respect who she is, and because of the willingness to talk about tough challenges. We share a family conversation about mental health and mental illness. Her willingness to not only share her story but to encourage others to participate in solving these problems by making sure that we fill out the census so the resources necessary for mental health investment can happen — that's something that was extraordinary," Abrams continued.

Selena Gomez poses for photographers
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In reference to her upcoming documentary being released right on the heels of her book, Abrams had some choice comments about the immense amount of work it takes, "It's still in development, and I am learning lots about what development means in Hollywood, but it's a good process. I've been in politics for a very long time, so I know things take a little bit of time, and certainly with the challenges of COVID, time tables shifted, but we're still hard at work. I look forward to seeing Never Tell come to the screen."

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