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Kaley Cuoco Shoots Daggers At Husband for Recording Face Stuffing Session

Karl Cook / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Kaley Cuoco just wanted to sit on her couch and mindlessly house an entire bag of snacks while watching television, but unfortunately, her hubby had different plans and put the former "Big Bang Theory" star in the spotlight over her unconventional methods.

Cuoco's devoted husband, Karl Cook, shared the video with his 400,000 followers Sunday evening but made sure to tag his wife Kaley so that her own 6 million fans could join in on the fun. His video pretty much sums up marriage after a couple of years.

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All The Snacks!

Karl Cook / Instagram

Cook was sneaky with his camera skills, at first, and captured some video of his "Big Bang Theory" wife housing a bag of what appears to be popcorn. Hoisting the snack vessel with both hands, Kaley raised the bag high above her head and let physics do the work as she enjoyed mouthful after mouthful of crunchy goodness.

"I mean the love she has for whatever is in the bag is amazing!" Karl wrote above a video of his wife after posting to his IG stories.


Karl Cook / Instagram

We've all been there -- in the moment vibing with whatever delicious snack we're cramming into our mouth hole and soaking up every last bit of taste and joy ... and then you realize someone has been staring the entire time. Kaley took a brief second to catch some air from her bag of snacks when she realized she was caught in the act by her hubby.

"STOP!" Kaley demanded before her husband catches himself and lets his wife know, "You're perfect in every way."

Kaley wasn't buying it though and made sure to give him a reminder to "Stop," as she went in for another monumental pour.

Married Life

Karl Cook / Instagram

Kaley and Karl have been spending tons of time together since production in Hollywood shut down and the quarantine went into effect. The couple, who recently moved into their lavish mansion, also just celebrated a 2-year wedding anniversary. They each took to social media for public displays of romanticism, which show just how much the two love each other.

"How did I get so lucky? You are the coolest, weirdest, funniest, smartest, kindest, calmest, silliest, veggie growing, bunny wrangling, doggie rescuing, horse loving, beer/bourbon connoisseur, who loves and supports every move I make. I LOVE YOU and I LOVE US!!!!!" Kaley wrote on Instagram.

However, she did not mention a love for being filmed while snacking.

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