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Draya Michele poses for a photo

Draya Michele Attempts Pronouncing 'Worcester Sauce' In Revealing Dress On Instagram

Draya Michele/Instagram
By Rebecca Cukier

Draya Michele gets full credit for voluntarily being filmed attempting to pronounce Worcester Sauce. The British condiment that regularly has Brits slightly lost over the pronunciation of the vinegar, molasses, and anchovies seasoning formed the basis of the 35-year-old reality star's Sunday night Instagram update.

Draya was back in the kitchen that's seen her walk her 8 million fans through her "KINDA HEALTHY SALMON." The "Basketball Wives LA" alum announced having six different ways of pronouncing the sauce. Check out the video and reactions below.

'If Anyone Knows How To Say This The Right Way...'

Draya Michele poses for a face photo
Draya Michele/Instagram

Scroll for the video now viewed over 300,000 times. "If anyone knows how to say this the right way, speak now," Draya opened as she stood in a pristine kitchen, at the counter, and in a very revealing, cut-out, and bronze strappy dress. The Mint Swim founder was seen with a bunch of spring onions and holding a bottle of Worcester Sauce:

"I say it....six different ways," Draya continued: "So." Draya then cleared her throat to deliver her takes. There was a "gut instinct" way kicking things off.


Draya Michele poses in a sports bra with a smoothie
Draya Michele/Instagram

Video below. Draya explored what "the fancy me" would want to call the condiment, alongside the "hood in me." Fans got "Worsh...worsh...worshetershire" amid many other attempts. Likewise, the ex to Orlando Scandrick founder basically losing it as she started laughing. A caption from Draya read: "Baby, you just need a Lil bit. LINK IN BIO #domesticdraya."

Instagram did not let this one go. "Baaaaaahahahhahahahahhhabahahahh," one comment read. Over 150 users liked a comment reading: "Girl we just call it WOO WOO SAUCE 🤣." Scroll for the experts swooping in.

Fan From Worcester, MA Comments

Draya Michele poses in a tennis dress with a racquet
Draya Michele/Instagram

Worcester Sauce, created in the first half of the 19th century and manufactured by old-school British food brand Lea & Perrins, now sees its correct pronunciation outlined to Draya by a fan from Worcester, MA.

"From someone who is from Worcester Ma. It’s (woos-tershire) 😂😂," one fan wrote. "I’m honestly curious what the proper pronunciation is 😂" seemed to see a follower less-sure.

"Pronounced “Wush-chest-ter “ sauce" was also thrown in. Draya's bio link – fully culinary – had taken fans to her "Easy Garlic Noodles" YouTube video. Scroll for that bikini body.

Bikini Bombshell Hasn't Gone Anywhere

Draya Michele poses in a bikini on her bed
Draya Michele/Instagram

Draya has been making headlines for continuing to promote the Mint Swim brand she founded with the $12,000 she saved up in 2011 – six years later, the company was valued at $1 million. Mint Swim, chosen by stars including Selena Gomez and Kylie Jenner has been dropping new merch, with the brand's CEO continuing to prove the perfect ambassador as she models those two-pieces – and even encourages fans to opt out of buying certain models if they're a size small. Draya actually showed off the "roomy" bikini earlier this year.

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