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Chelsea Handler looks amazing in this photo as she shares a coy smile to the camera at an event.

Chelsea Handler Admits Pot-Print Bikini 'Doesn't Fit' In 4th Of July Photos

Gettyimages | Tara Ziemba
By Favour

Chelsea Handler is one of the few celebrities who really spent her 4th of July holiday, engaging in carefree events around the home . The American comedian recently shared a photo where all she did in it, was serve her fans with her gorgeous and flawless looking skin in a big pool.

Who wouldn’t give anything to spend beautiful hours in the pool and feeling nothing but happiness? Well, Handler would. The actress made a day out of the Independence Day holiday for America.

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A photo showing Chelsea Handler with her arms spread apart, laying in a water bed, inside a pool.
Instagram | Chelsea Handler

The iconic post that Handler shared on Instagram, featured three beautiful photos. Since the post made it to social media, fans have not stopped talking about it and others are amazed at how the actress does not age with every passing day.

The first picture was the best of the three photos. In it, Handler looked a lot like she was having the best fun of her life. Her bikini that left nothing to imagination. To top it all off, she was laying in a water bed inside her big blue pool.

A photo showing Chelsea Handler in a big water bed, in a pool
Instagram | Chelsea Handler

The second photo however, is proof that Handler has a goofy side that not everyone gets to see on the big screens. Still in her water bed, she raised both hands to the sky. The left one holding a cigarette between her index and middle finger.

In addition to her gorgeous bikini set, Handler graced her eyes with a beautiful black shades to keep her eyes from hurting as a result of the scorching sun.

Although the sun seemed to disapprove with her extra curricular activities, Handler did not seem bothered about it.

Giphy | Chelsea Handler

Finally, Handler's caption on her post sparked a lot of conversations in her comment section.

"Happy #4thOfJuly! You know what would be a super patriotic thing to do @gewhitmer? #FreeMichaelThompson #IndependenceDay" Handler wrote.

"All countries matter too." A user replied her.

"That you seem happy and healthy and that you are tout there trying to lend your voice to a movement of change and equality. I've been a fan since ep. 1 of lately and followed your journey." another user said again.

An amazing throwback photo of Chelsea Handler sporting a white lovely dress and her signature straight blonde hair.
Wikimedia |

Many others fans weighed in on the comedian's awesome looks and her gap look in the pool.

"Where do I get this bikini? a fan asked.

Amazingly, Handler told the fan that she would give her the pair she is wearing because it no longer fits her.

Other fans showered the actress with love and support for everything she stands for and promotes as an activist.

For several years now, Handler has been a human rights activist who stands against inequality in America and the world. In March 2009, she received an award for "Ally for Equality."

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