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A lovely photo of Jon Gosselin sporting a white T-shirt and red sweater at an event.

Jon Gosselin: It's A 'Shame' He Has To Explain Missing Son From 4th Of July Photo

Gettyimages | ROBYN BECK
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The 4th of July went as expected for a lot of people in America and for others, not so much. One of such people is Jon Gosselin, who felt very bad that he could not spend the special holiday with all his kids.

In a post on Instagram, Gosselin posed with his girly Colleen Conrad and his 16-year-old daughter, Hannah. The trio took time off to hangout at the Bay Black Ale House, located in Atlantic City, New Jersey. From the photo, they seemed to be having a lot of fun, but Gosselin wished for more.

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From left to right: Jon Gosselin, Hannah, Colleen Conrad sharing a pleasant smile for the camera on a trio date.
Instagram | Jon Gosselin

Gosselin, is the father of eight beautiful kids with his ex-wife, Kate Gosselin. Unfortunately, the duo have been in a dreadful custody battle for their kids for over ten years.

Presently, the former reality star has custody of two of eight of his children, but his son was missing in the family photo from his recent post. When fans began to ask why his son was not hanging out with them, he revealed that Collin had other plans with his friends for the holiday.

Jon Gosselin And his beautiful daughter bonding over a piggy back game and they look amazing.
Instagram | Jon Gosselin

Furthermore, Gosselin said that it felt shameful that he had to reveal to everyone why his son was not part of the family photo he posted on Instagram.

Seeing his reason, his fans weighed in on the statement and showed him love and support for missing one of his kids in a special holiday. Many of them cheered him up and assured him that they know that he is a great dad and loves his children a lot.

Another fan also mentioned that there was nothing wrong in explaining, as it only clarified people’s thoughts about his son’s whereabouts.

A photo showing several flags of the United States of America’s, to depict its Independence Day.
Unsplash | Sheri Hooley

Some fans also went as far as wishing for Gosselin that he could get to see all eight of his children as soon as possible.

Gosselin was not the only one who was tasked with explaining the whereabouts of his child because he was not seen in his photo. His girlfriend, Conrad also had to give a detailed explanation as to why Collin was not part of the family photo.

“Happy 4th it July! Missing Colin who dissed us for his friends.’ She captioned the post.


A long time ago, a report was released saying that a close source to Gosselin revealed that the 43-year-old is not giving up on the day he would see all his kids. The source also said that the IT analyst is infuriated that all his kids cannot be with him when he wants them to. Also, that he longs for the day when they would all spend family vacations together and have a great time.

Will the custody battle between Jon Gosselin and Kate Gosselin end anytime soon? Tell us in the comments section below.

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