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Pamela Anderson poses at an event

Pamela Anderson Hangs In Triangle Bikini By A Highway

Sergio Dionisio/Getty Images
By Rebecca Cukier

Pamela Anderson took under two hours to be told she's "a hazard to drivers" today. The 53-year-old model and former "Baywatch" actress dropped another of her legendary bikini photos on her Instagram as the 4th of July weekend wrapped up. Pamela, followed by 1 million on the platform, has largely been making headlines this month for turning one year older in the buff – if you don't live inside Pamela's Instagram, she braved a fully nude, but ultimately very tasteful, shot three days ago to "thank you all for the birthday wishes."

Pamela may be flogging vegan handbags in her birthday suit, but it looks like she can cause chaos a little more clothed.

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Bikini Bombshell Stopping Traffic

Pamela Anderson poses in sheer underwear
Pamela Anderson/Instagram

Scroll for the photo clocking Pamela over 12,500 likes in three hours. The star whose fifth marriage ended earlier this year after just 12 days hadn't indicated if her snap was a throwback – chances are it was – with the black-and-white image seeing Pamela shot from behind and roadside as cars and pick-up trucks zoomed by her.

It isn't trademark Pamela without that bikini. The Canadian-born star was rocking a white one with a halterneck finish, plus high heels. She waved one arm out as if to hail down a car.

Instagram If Offering Its Passenger Seats

Pamela Anderson poses nude with flowers
Pamela Anderson/Instagram

Pamela's fans were on this one like bees to a honeypot. The star, whose fanbase is international, found herself offered a ride by many a follower – "Hop on in," one wrote. "Right away!!😊😊😊😆😆," another said.

The anonymous location assumed to be the Pacific State Highway by Pamela's fans also found itself dubbed a danger zone – jokingly, of course, with one fan writing: "A hazard for drivers." Scroll for Pamela's disastrous, 12-day marriage, which she seemingly now denies ever happened.

Fifth Marriage Lasts Just 12 Days

Pamela Anderson in the street with a Whole Foods bag
Gettyimages | Mark R. Milan

Pamela made headlines at the start of 2020 for tying the knot for the fifth time. The star married Hollywood producer Jon Peters back in January – 75-year-old Peters dated Pamela over 30 years ago. The marriage collapsed after just 12 days, though, with Jon not taking long to be reportedly engaged to someone else.

Pamela has since opened up on the marriage, with her words to Andy Cohen taking the denial route: "It never happened. I don't know what you're talking about. You're talking in riddles," she said. More below.

Goes Sheer On Instagram, Fans Say She's 'Still Got It'

Pamela Anderson in her 'Baywatch' swimsuit
Gettyimages | Kypros

Once a bombshell, always a bombshell. Pamela has made headlines of late for exposing her chest in a racy, sheer look – and seeing her followers say she's absolutely still got it. The blonde also seems in demand on the merchandise front, with May seeing her launch a vegan handbag collection made using apple skins. Her nude birthday photo came from a promo shot with the ASHOKA Paris label. Pamela has long been an advocate for PETA, also being a vegan herself.

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