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Kaley Cuoco poses for a photo

Kaley Cuoco Dangles From A Rope Swing In Skintight Spandex On Instagram

Kaley Cuoco/Instagram
By Rebecca Cukier

Kaley Cuoco spent 4th of July swinging – the conventional way. The "Big Bang Theory" actress proved she doesn't need much to keep herself entertained as she appeared on billionaire heir husband Karl Cook's Instagram stories on Saturday – Kaley, 34, may sleep in a $12 million Hidden Hills estate, but the sitcom star who lives in Amazon nightshirts appeared entertained by the simple things over Independence Day.

If you don't live inside Kaley's Instagram, this is a star who updates the 'Gram in $26 unicorn nightshirts from Amazon. Check it out below, plus the swing.

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Starts Off Awkward With Kaley Filmed Snoring

Kaley Cuoco poses in a nightshirt in a kitchen area
Kaley Cuoco/Instagram

Kaley initially appeared in a series of rather unflattering stories posted by her 2018-married husband. The girl behind Penny had been filmed fast asleep on the couch and audibly snoring. Things then shifted outdoors to the California mansion backyard Kaley shares with equestrian Karl – while the video showed Kaley dangling from a rope-suspended swing and rocking a hot pink shirt, black leggings, and white sneakers, the caption used by Karl referenced another well-known face under the Cuoco/Cook roof.

It's time to meet Dumpy.

'Not Sure Dumpy Enjoys The Swing As @kaleycuoco Does'

Karl Cook/Instagram

That sentence either made total sense to you or it meant nothing. If the latter, Dumptruck "Dumpy" is Kaley's COVID-19-acquired chihuahua. Originally planned to be a temporary adoption affair, the adorable pup now coming with its own #WheresDumpy hashtag has been filling the blonde's feed. It also looked like Kaley, joyfully enjoying the swing and tree shade, rakes better benefits from the backyard furniture than her pooch does.

Dumpy is now officially a "foster fail." He joins existing dogs including Norman, Ruby, and Blueberry – and the rest. Scroll for "A Cup of Cuoco" that may have landed Kaley her Starbucks deal.

'A Cup Of Cuoco' Instagram Series Takes Off

Kaley Cuoco poses in a shirt
Kaley Cuoco/Instagram

Kaley, whose upcoming HBO Max series "The Flight Attendant" has halted production amid the pandemic, still has plenty on her plate. Her 2020-launched "A Cup of Cuoco" Instagram series has proven a mega hit amid a 6-million-strong following. Videos tend to be impromptu, showing the star enjoying her first coffee of the day while sharing her random – and often amusing – thoughts.

"A Cup of Cuoco", which has an episode below, also appears to have caught the attention of a major brand. Yes, Kaley now fronts Starbucks.

Coffee Needs To 'Burn' Her Windpipe

Kaley Cuoco poses
Gettyimages | Ilya S. Savenok

Kaley has confirmed that she's a coffee "connoisseur." The odd photo on her Instagram sees her promoting Starbuck's "Shine from the Start" campaign, with the star having made headlines this year for detailing the rather painful-sounding way she likes her coffee. “It has to burn my esophagus. And I froth the milk and I’m very pleased," she told Us Weekly, also confirming:

“I love coffee in general, I go to bed at night just thinking of what my cup will be like in the morning, what mug I will choose, how the frothed milk will make me feel." Check out the video below.

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