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Future's Baby Mama Eliza Reign Shows Off Daughter In Swimsuit For Kissing Challenge On Instagram

Eliza Reign's 1-year-old daughter doesn't just come with her Instagram star mom chasing $53,000 a month in child support from daddy rapper Future. The Florida-based woman's adorable little girl is climbing the ropes with her baby skill-set, and her not-quite-there kissing skills just got splattered all over IG by proud mama Eliza.

If Future's baby mama drama is blurry to you, the "Life Is Good" rapper's minimum six baby mamas now include Eliza. Future, 36, has upped his $450-a-month child support offer to $1,000 with the inclusion of a gag order. Hard-hitter Eliza has rejected it. Check out the video below.

Future Offers Eliza $1,000 To Shut Up, She Refuses

Eliza Reign/Instagram

Scroll for the video. It comes amid fresh drama for the rapper whose paternity was proven via a bombshell May DNA test – which he put up a huge fight over taking in the first place. Future, whose estimated income of $20 million a year sees Eliza's $53,000-a-month demands based on his reported earnings, has been stepping up his child support offers, but with terms.

June saw the multi baby-daddy – alleged to have never even met his daughter – offer Eliza $1,000 a month in child support, provided that she did not speak about him publicly.

Instagram Star Shows Off Rapper's Daughter

Eliza Reign/Instagram

Eliza, who has rejected the offer, updated her Instagram ahead of 4th of July. The star who has been trashed by her baby daddy in an "ugly" Twitter rant and accused of trying to get pregnant by a rich man only had eyes for her daughter Reign in this video. It showed mom and daughter in a night-time bar area and with little Reign in an adorable, pink, and frill-adorned swimsuit with wading birds on it – Eliza was teaching her baby girl how to kiss.

Check it out below, plus more on the drama and photos of Future's 23-year-old girlfriend Lori Harvey.

Fans Make A Connection To Another Of Future's Baby Mamas

Eliza Reign/Instagram

Future – whose long baby mama list includes singer Ciara, Joie Chavis, India J, plus alleged baby mama Cindy Parker – had his little girl gathering plenty of comments. This particular video appeared to see Eliza's Instagram followers thinking little Reign looks like Ciara's son. "Omg she looks just like Ciara's son 😮😮😍😍," one fan wrote. Another, meanwhile, added: "She looked like Ciara son.. after she blew the 1st kiss from her mouth ♥️."

Eliza's 2019 paternity, child support, and custody lawsuit is now retroactive, meaning she's seeking a year's backpay, plus attorney fees. Scroll for Lori Harvey.

Future In Lock-Down With Model Lori Harvey

Lori Harvey/Instagram

Future is believed to be in quarantine with current boo, Lori Harvey. The stepdaughter to TV personality Steve Harvey largely keeps her man off the 'Gram, but she doesn't hide her boyfriend's lavish gestures.

Lori, already jokingly warned that Future might be trying to get her pregnant, has seen her home filled with rose petals and candles for Valentine's Day. Future also flew the Pretty Little Thing influencer out to Jamaica by private jet in January, where she partied with stars including singer Normani and 22-year-old model Jordyn Woods. More after the photos.

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