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Peggy Sulahian poses for photographers

'RHOC:' Peggy Sulahian Responds to Tamra Judge's Comment About 'Housewives' Needing Subtitles

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By Chris Barilla

'Real Housewives of Orange County' star Peggy Sulahian is not taking some recent comments made by Tamra Judge sitting down quietly. The former 'Bravo!' star was angered by Judge's past comment about 'Housewives' that need subtitles in order to be understood.

Judge insinuated that Sulahian hadn't developed the level of connection as other 'Housewives' due to her accent, something that the former star is now firing right back at Judge with, slamming her for the claims that her position on the show was lesser thanks to her ethnic background.

Peggy Sulahian poses for a photo
Peggy Sulahian / Instagram

In a recent interview on the 'Behind the Velvet Rope' podcast with David Yontef, Judge said that stars of the hit 'Bravo!' show that needed subtitles in order to be understood did not have a place on the program.

"Anyone you have to subtitle should not be on the show. That’s what I feel. If you can’t understand what they’re saying, that’s difficult. I think she was nice, but I just don’t think she was good TV. It does not mean you’re a horrible person, it just takes a certain personality," she commented.

Peggy Sulahian photographed candidly
Peggy Sulahian / Instagram

Judge received some major backlash on social media for her comment, which many deemed as racially insensitive. Now, Sulahian is speaking out herself, claiming that the former is promoting "discord" by making such outlandish comments about someone based on something as trivial as an accent.

"It certainly does take a 'certain' personality to provoke discord. As an immigrant to this country, I learned the language, graduated university, raised a family, and have contributed to my community," she said to 'Reality Blurb.'

Peggy Sulahian poses for a photo
Peggy Sulahian / Instagram

"I don’t believe her inability to understand me has anything to do with my accent, which I am proud of. Tamra, if you have a problem, pick up your phone and call me. Let’s discuss," Sulahian continued her grievances about Judge to the publication, maintaining that she would be willing to work through whatever issues Judge may levy against her as long as they are not racially motivated, something that been caught up in recently in other capacities as well.

Peggy Sulahian poses for a selfie
Peggy Sulahian / Instagram

When her other former castmate Kelly Dodd was ousted for a racialy insensitive past video that resurfaced, Judge was quick to throw herself in the mix and offer some comments on the former's behavior. " Yes, I do, that TMZ video is disgusting!" Judge said to a fan during a live question session on Instagram. She added that, "Bravo shouldn’t just single certain people out like Stassi [Schroeder] & Kristen [Doute]. There should be zero tolerance at this point," in regards to racist behavior.

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