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Elyse Slain and Ramona Singer pose for a photo

'RHONY:' Elyse Slaine Comments on Ramona Singer's 'Disrespectful' Daughter

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By Chris Barilla

As Season 12 of 'Real Housewives of New York' has transpired, it has adamantly showcased the trials and tribulations that Ramona Singer has faced, including the controversies she has been caught up in. One decision made by Singer this season was to re-introduce Elyse Slaine to the program, this time as an official "friend-of" as opposed to a guest. However, a new episode of the hit reality show may seem to create a divide between the long-term friends thanks to some "disrespectful" words shared by Singer's daughter, Avery.

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After a short break, 'Real Housewives of New York' returned in full swing on July 2, and it didn't take much time for the divide between Singer and Slaine to become apparent.

During the episode, Avery Singer is heard making an adamant backhanded comment about Elyse Slaine to her mother, saying, "Mom, stop wasting your energy talking about Elyse, I hear you tell all your friends. You can’t get enough of it. It’s like annoying," from her quarantine confessional session.

Elyse Slaine poses for a selfie
Elyse Slaine / Instagram

While Slaine engaged with fans online during the episode's airing, there was a general confusion behind why the younger Singer would say such things about her mother's friend, but the 'Bravo!' star chalked it up as "disrespectful."

"I hope so. But no one seems to think that. The consensus is that she was being disrespectful. I hope you are right, and everyone else is wrong. I still think of Avery as the little girl who use to do sleepovers with my daughter," she tweeted.

Elyse Slaine poses for a photo
Elyse Slaine / Instagram

"That’s why I was trying to figure out as well. I always liked Avery, and pushed my husband to be hands-on to mentor her, and to use his connections to get her the job she wanted. I wish her well," Slaine continued to mention in her candid social media interactions with fans, clearly off-put by the inherent notion that her good friend's daughter would speak so badly of her after all they had been through together over the years personally and professionally.

Elyse Slaine poses for a selfie
Elyse Slaine / Instagram

In an interview with Heavy, Slaine said that she was very surprised by the Singer's actions.

"I was very surprised, kept our falling out quiet, and even when I was asked about her when I was interviewed with 'Us Weekly,' and other magazines and podcasts, I always was very positive about Ramona. I was very surprised that she disparaged me publicly," she explained of the situation, but maintained that they are not on good terms as of now and she is still seeking out the reason why.

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