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Kellyanne Conway

Claudia Conway, Kellyanne's Daughter, Speaks About Political Differences

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By A. Elise

The Conway family seems to have some ongoing political disagreements no longer behind closed doors.

The 15-year-old daughter of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway and husband George Conway has been posting anti-Donald Trump sentiment on her TikTok profile. Claudia Conway also shows support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

While Kellyanne has apparently asked Claudia to remove videos she has posted, Claudia is vocal about her dissent. George is a conservative who has also been vocal in his criticisms of the president.

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Claudia gave an interview to Insider and reported that she grew up in a family she describes as "very very conservative." She claims that she "decided to educate [herself] and think for [herself]."

The teenager also claimed that TikTok has provided a great venue for her to reach out to other teens and young adults.

Claudia's profile on the social media website includes a reference to Breonna Taylor, a woman who was shot and killed by police who invaded the wrong home while administering a no-knock warrant.

Kellyanne Conway
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In that same Insider interview, Claudia said that it has been difficult for her to "disassociate" herself from the image that her parents portray. She claims that her political views are essentially the opposite of Kellyanne's. Of course, Claudia claims that she does still love her parents in spite of their differences.

According to Claudia, Kellyanne and George have asked her to remove some of her videos on TikTok. She claims that her parents support her in many ways, even if they do not like the content she posts.

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Claudia's anti-Trump content was shared on Twitter by a journalist with the New York Times named Taylor Lorenz. The barrage of messages to Claudia meant that George took to social media to tell journalists to stop contacting his daughter.

Claudia has taken a few shots at her parents. In fact, she even tweeted at her father, "You’re just mad that i’m [sic] finally getting my voice heard. sorry your marriage failed." She wrote this in response to George's statement that he does not consent to journalists speaking with Claudia.

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In another tweet, Claudia wrote that her "parents" but "particularly [her] mother" are encouraging her to delete her social media profiles in an attempt to "silence" her. She reports on Twitter that she is respectful and has been using social media as a way to exert her freedom of speech.

While some social media users have criticized Claudia and her social media use, her TikTok and Twitter posts also receive a significant amount of support, much of it from users who are in similar family situations.

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