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Amber Heard looks absolutely gorgeous in this photo as her smile makes her face radiant.

Amber Heard All Smiles On Her Picnic Blanket Amid Bloody Johnny Depp War

By Favour

Amber Heard shared a beautiful post recently on Instagram and she was definitely having a moment. The actress decided to go on a picnic on a field, where she could breathe in fresh air and read a book or two.

For the picnic, Heard had her basket full of items, including food and drinks that she would need. In the photo, she is seen sitting on the grass, that’s covered with a soft material, to prevent the grass from touching her skin.

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An image showing Amber Heard on a solo-picnic with drinks and books for a relaxing evening.
Instagram | Amber Heard

She had on a really nice and free-flow pattered dress, as well as a book in her hand, to show that she was reading before the photo interruption occurred. The photo attracted thousands of likes and comments almost immediately, however, Heard turned off the comments.

When a celebrity turns off the comment section of their posts on social media, they either do not want to attend to these comments or they do not like what the comments say about them.

An amazing throw-back photo of Johnny Depp in a white T-shirt and black suspenders.
Wikimedia |

In Heard’s case, it might be the latter.

Critics have been slamming the actress for several months now as it was recently revealed that she may have been the one abusing her now ex-husband, Johnny Depp and not the other way around like she led people to believe.

After their divorce, Depp offered to pay her a lot of money, which she in turn gave out to charity. After a while, he slammed her with a lawsuit for defamation and the duo have been going back and forth in the court for months now.


More recently, some text messages came to the attention of the public and it uncovered the alleged affair that Heard had with Elon Musk and James Franco, while she was married to Depp.

When this news was brought before a judge, Mr Justice Nicol, he asked why the information is relevant in the case. According to reports, Depp’s legal representative, David Sharborne told the judge that it proves that Depp had no motive to allegedly abuse his ex-wife physically or emotionally.

A throwback photo of Amber Heard dressed in a brown jacket, white inner shirt and black skirt with a big belt on her waist.
Wikimedia |

Furthermore, Sherbrooke also presented evidence of a CCTV footage that showed Heard and a man who looked very much like Franco in an elevator. After all of the evidence was on the table before the judge, he decided to take some time to weigh in on it.

The court is therefore deliberating on whether the case should proceed or be cut short immediately.

It is unclear what will happen to either Heard or Depp after a final ruling is made, but fans are eager to know what the end result will be.

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