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Lisa and Usman had a relationship filled with tension on '90 Day Fiancé.'

'90 Day Fiancé''s Lisa Says Usman's Behavior Towards Her Has Been Haram After Accusing Him Of Scamming Her

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk

Usman Umar and Lisa Hamme were two of the biggest stars on last season of '90 Day Fiancé''s 'Before The Day 90s.' Lisa went to Nigeria to pursue a relationship with him in the hopes of seeking marriage there and get him to move to America. The two ran into plenty of road blocks as Lisa took offense to so many things. One incident where she forced Usman to take a model out of one of his music videos as the song was dedicated to Lisa.

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Usman and Lisa have since had issues after the show as she called him the n-word.

Usman also goes by the stage name "Soja Boy." On the show, he revealed that he wants to go to America to take his rap career to the next level. In Nigeria, he has solid buzz surrounding his career.

Following the conclusion of Lisa and Usman's appearances on '90 Day Fiancé,' there has been plenty of tension. On the Tell All, Usman revealed that she called him the n-word as she has since apologized for her actions. A petition also surfaced calling for TLC to fire her. That Tell All footage ended up being deleted.


“Lisa, last week you called me ngger which I know is totally inappropriate in America," said Usman to Lisa. "You called me ngger, I don’t even get angry about it because I am used to how you are behaving.”

On The Domenick Nati Show, Lisa revealed that she ended up apologizing to him.

“No, that word was used out of context and out of stupidity. My husband accepted my apology, but haters don’t and they want to ride it out to no end.”

Usman has since been accused of experiencing haram.

Lisa has also since accused Usman of scamming her. His response has been that she's withholding money from him that he's made from creating Cameo videos. She ended up showing transfer receipts though to prove that he's been lying, according to blogger, John Yates.

Lisa is now calling Usman's behavior haram, which are things forbidden by Islamic law. One fan commented on Instagram explaining how this money situation relates to haram.

“According to Islam the money belongs to her. If you looked at the Cameo check it was written to her. Also under Islamic law if Usman gives her a gift it’s automatically hers, he cannot take it back. Islam also says that he has to take care of her financially, sexually, and protect her. Trashing her on online platforms is not protecting her it’s haram.”

Lisa then agreed by saying “Interesting thank you for sending that to me — but I knew it was haram what he is doing to me.”


Usman has also disputed any claims of him being a scammer. A defense he used was him being a public figure around powerful people so there is no way he could scam.

“I’m a good Nigerian who sacrificed a lot to make someone happy including losing my job, but today I was called a scammer by that same person I make happy[.] I wonder how scammer can be on TV always and on social media relating with big politicians and some prominent people, after calling ME n-word, calling scammer and now I have been blackmailed with my own money [sic].”

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