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Larsa Pippen Reveals Weight On Instagram, Hovers Over Pregnancy Question

Larsa Pippen had quite the little moment on Instagram yesterday.

She actually had several little moments on Instagram yesterday, but the one at-hand appeared to be completely unintentional - what had happened was that 45-year-old Larsa showed her actual weight on the screen, likely without knowing it.

Via Instagram Story, the "Real Housewives" star said:

"Hey guys, I just found this amazing new app called Noom. It can literally help you change your habits, change your mind, and change for good."

Larsa Pippen Reveals Her Actual Weight On Instagram Story

Larsa Pippen | Instagram

Larsa continued: "Noom is a health and wellness program created by behavioral psychologists that helps to learn the 'why' behind your habits and helps you create healthy, sustainable habits."

"You can eat healthier, lose weight, and just feel better."

"This is the website," she said, flipping the camera to show her MacBook Air. "All you do is take a quick survey - it' super easy."

It looked like Larsa had already visited the page/survey before...because that's where her height (and weight!) were listed for the world to see. 👀⬇️

She Wants To Drop 6 Pounds

Larsa Pippen | Instagram

The page was titled "Demographic Profile" and literally started by asking, "What's your height and weight?"

Larsa's fill-in listed hers as being "5 ft. 6 in." and "126 lbs."

Just before the Story segment ended, Larsa reiterated that "it's super easy,"

"I've already started mine," she also admitted. "I basically want to lose a few pounds - just a few pounds."

Under the next question - "What is your ideal weight that you want to reach?" - Larsa slated her goal as being 120 lbs...another thing she'd filled out in advance.

But Is Larsa Pippen Pregnant? She Wouldn't Say

Larsa Pippen | Instagram

Larsa Pippen quickly clicked through the Female/gender selection question, but hovered over the final question for a bit too long: "Are you pregnant?"

It's worth noting that she was trying to make an ad...but the anticipation made it hard to watch.

But Larsa continued talking - all the while still hovering over the pregnancy question: "My favorite part of this whole thing is that you get a personal coach that's there to help you along the way."

That's where the ad ended (and she hasn't hit on the topic since)...see for yourself: watch all the clips here.

She has, however, given the public plenty of reasons to assume she's not the stellar bikini body she supposedly rocked on Thursday.

Bahama Mama Of Four Kids

Larsa Pippen | Instagram

Amidst her DIY ad production, Larsa wanted everyone to know "It's better in the Bahamas" - this was the caption used for a midday Instagram photo that showed the mother of four looking some kinda way on a luxurious boat.

It was possibly a throwback pic though because her next two Insta updates had very LA-esque backdrops....hard to tell, and she hasn't replied to any comments asking if it's current.

What is known is that she moved to LA a few years ago alongside her somewhat estranged husband Scottie Pippen and their four kids: sons Scotty Jr., Preston, and Justin, and only daughter Sophia.

NBA star Scottie and wife Larsa left Miami for Los Angeles in 2017, with a source hoping it'd be a "new start for them."

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