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Dan O’Toole’s Missing Infant Daughter Has Been Found!

Canadian sports actor, Dan O’Toole put the internet in disarray a few hours ago when he revealed that his 5-weeks-old child has gone missing. Fans were unable to take the news the way it came and many of them started asking for descriptions and clothes, so they can help with the search.

Fortunately, the sports guru updated his fans via Twitter, saying that his child has been found safely. He also noted that although he had not yet held her, the police made sure to call him at 12:07 p.m to relay the good news.

Instagram | Dan O’Toole

In this regard, O’Toole thanked anyone and everyone who helped him find his child. In a similar vain, he called out the trolls who attacked him for being a concerned father on social media.

“To those that have decided to attack me for fearing my daughter’s safety, I don’t know what to say.” O’Toole began his Twitter rant.

“I just hope you that you never have to look in the eyes of your own children and tell them that you don’t know where their sister is, or when they will ever see her again. I am still broken. I don’t know if any of use will never be fixed.” He said.

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The posts that O’Toole shared on Thursday night, requesting that everyone helps in search of his beautiful daughter has been taken down since the new announcement was made. While the search was going on, some users insinuated that his ex-wife, Corrie, may have had a hand in his daughter getting missing. However, O’Toole explicitly mentioned that she had nothing to do with it.

The reporter’s family no doubt went through a great ordeal at the thought of losing the newest addition to their family, but they’ll get better.

O’Toole has two other children known as Ruby and Sydney.

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A few weeks ago, O’Toole announced the birth of his precious little girl and called her a girl with many names. From the little fans were able to grasp that the infant’s name is Oakland-Eleanor Sandra Newman-O’Toole. There may be more names, but for now, the newest O’Toole is in for an amazing ride through life.

Daniel Gerard O’Toole was born in Peterborough, Ontario Canada in September 10, 1975. His other names include; Toolsie, Daniel, Gerard O’Toole and Old Man Toolsie.

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The 43-year-old is popularly known as a Canadian television sports anchor. In 2003, O’Toole became a co-host on a weekly show titled “SportsCenter” which was run by TSN. He maintained this job for ten years, before deciding to move on to Fox Sports 1. The broadcast channel is headquartered in Los Angeles.

Unfortunately for O’Toole, his co-host show on Fox Sports 1 came to an abrupt end, and this led him back with TSN.

Presently, he runs a show with Jay Onrait titles “SC With Jay and Dan.”

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