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Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard photographed candidly

Jill Duggar Dishes About Michelle Duggar's Parenting Amid Heightened Tensions

Gettyimages | D Dipasupil
By Chris Barilla

Despite the heightened tensions that exist between her and her family, Jill Duggar has never been one to shy away from discussing candid details about what growing up as a Duggar has meant, as well as addressing the rumors, controversies, and other things that have come up involving the family over the years.

With the aforementioned tension still active and clearly in mind, Duggar is dishing on her mother and her parenting techniques, which only time will tell the repercussions of.

Jill Duggar photographed candidly
Gettyimages | D Dipasupil

"When I was a kid, I remember my mom constantly encouraging us kids to work out disagreements between ourselves," Duggar began to mention in a candid family blog titled 'How To Cut Down On Tattling.'

Duggar said that this approach often led to siblings not seeing eye to eye and furthered their difficulties, causing fights that would often need parental intervention to unravel, a clear cut example of her mother not exacting the best judgment​ when it came to raising the kids.

Jill Duggar poses with her son
Jill Duggar / Instagram

Despite adult intervention being an option, the Duggar matriarch had "two rules" that had to be met before an adult would deem it necessary​ to intervene in the kid's disagreement, which she recounted as, "Rule number 1: 'Talk Sweet.' Rule number 2: 'Go and tell' … an adult (and to be used only if rule number one didn’t work). If we came running to her with our little problem without having applied these two rules in the correct order, then we would be reminded of them and might be asked if we would like to 'try again,' she commented.

Jill Duggar poses for a photo
Jill Duggar / Instagram

"My rule is, ‘Is someone bleeding? Are they in immediate danger? Are they doing something illegal? No? Then I don’t want to hear about it, y’all work it out,'" a fan retorted to the reality star in her blog post, which Duggar found very funny.

Despite criticizing her mother's various methods at points, Duggar said that she sees herself using similar techniques in how she handles her children's disagreements, albeit approaching them slightly differently to mitigate the need for fighting.

Derick Dillard and Jill Duggar smile for selfie
Jill Duggar / Instagram

Duggar has been labeled as sort of a "black sheep" by the rest of her family for the candid nature she approaches their personal interactions and such. She has been sharing a myriad of secrets related to the other Duggars since 2019, and recently revealed in an Instagram Live session that the couple is not invited into Michelle and Jim Bob's home unless the latter gives express permission beforehand, solidifying the actual tension they're experiencing beyond Jill's words with media outlets.

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