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Model Sommer Ray OPENS WIDE In Barely-There Top While Soaking In the Sunshine

Instagram superstar Sommer Ray is kicking off summer with a fresh look and letting fans know just how she feels about soaking in the sunshine. The 23-year-old model shared a new photo Thursday afternoon with her near 25 million followers and was flaunting her colorful look while revealing what her favorite hue of the season is.

"sunshine is my favorite color 🌞" Sommer admitted while showing off her piercing eyes to the camera.

The photo was definitely appreciated by her fans as it quickly shot up with over 75,000 likes in a mere matter of minutes.

Basking In The Sun

While opening her mouth wide and soaking in all the sunshine, Sommer showed off her bright fashion, which included a multicolored headband and electric-yellow plunging tank top. The model was absolutely glowing under the bright SoCal sun and her followers immediately showered her with praise in the comments.

"pretty girl," one fan wrote, to which Sommer personally responded, "Thank you beautiful."

"Ur phenomenally beautiful and divine at the same time, can I date u?" another fan proposed.

While some ornery critics pointed out that sunshine is not a color ... others replied that they missed the point of the fun post.

Big Problems, Small Boobs

Sommer Ray / Instagram

Sommer Ray has made a career about getting extremely personal with fans regarding her daily life and thoughts. She's also not afraid to be funny with a little self-deprecating humor. While recently venting to her fans, the fitness model admitted:

"i wish all my problems were as small as my boobs."

The all-natural model was clearly trying to be funny, but fans still took the time to remind her, "you're gorgeous."

As for problems ... at least she won't have to worry about a bad back.

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