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Britney Spears looking pretty in an Instagram pic

Britney Spears Gets Smoked By Instagram For Dance Video 'Like Watching A Car Crash'

Britney Spears / Instagram
By Rima Pundir

Britney Spears uploaded a new dance video on Instagram on Tuesday this week, and amidst all the views and positive comments, fans are 'genuinely concerned' about her, with many saying she is not okay.

The one minute, 29-second long dance video has her freestyle dancing to Otis Redding with moves that were both signature and a new.

That said, fans are at war on Instagram, wondering if Britney is happy, or just pretending to be so, because her eyes tell a different story.

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Fans Wonder If Britney Is OK...

Britney Spears with Sam Asghari
Britney Spears / Instagram

Britney Spears' meteoric rise to fame came with an equally bad fall and for years, all she faced was rehab, trash-talking by the media and the paparazzi, and of course, a long custody battle for her two boys, which she lost.

While once she used to post a ton about her two boys on social media, her latest posts have been all about positivity, dance videos, and declarations of love for Sam Asghari, her current boyfriend.

Is Britney okay, or not? Watch this 'strange behaviour' to figure out..

Her Shorts Are Another Cause For Concern

Britney Spears looking gorgeous in red
Britney Spears / Instagram

On Tuesday, Britney posted another dance video of hers, captioning it as a tribute to Otis Redding and his music, because that was what got Britney interested in music.

The video has 3.4 million views and counting, and fans are still out there, wondering if all is good with Britney or not, especially with those shorts.

One fan comment read, "those shorts are so low I keep waiting for an accidental buttcrack slip but of course, that’s not gonna happen bc she. is. Perfect."

Watch her dance in gravity-defying shorts below...

Some Fans Staunchly Defended Their Queen

Britney Spears with bangs and a bikini on Instagram
Britney Spears / Instagram

Fans were worried, wondering if Britney was okay, or not and comments read, "Wow. Come on people something isn’t right with her. Look at her eyes. I hope one of her loved ones is looking out for her. Where’s her boyfriend?"

Others staunchly stood by their queen, saying, "People say some horrible things but I am utterly contented watching a woman unique in her own circumstances engage in her own expressions that fill her own heart and to share them with us all. Grateful".

So here's another dance video for all the fans...

Others Trolled Her Dance Moves & Makeup

Britney Spears shows of body in crop top & low shorts
Britney Spears / Instagram

The positive comments did not stop trolls from trash talking Britney and her dancing skills, or rather, the lack of dancing skills.

One particularly nasty comment read, "All those years of dance lessons and choreography and this is what it has come to?!"

Another troll said, "She. Can. Not. Dance. Simple as that."

If that weren't enough, many others commented on that messy eyeliner, asking Britney if she had ever heard of makeup remover.

The fan and the trolls may say whatever, but the happy smile on Britney's face says she is living her best life. Even if the catwalks, like the one below, are leaving fans wondering...

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