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Porsha Williams looks incredible as always in this photo where she has on a blue dress that leaves nothing to imagination.

Porsha Williams Asked If She's Pregnant As Body Transformation Shocks Instagram

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Porsha Williams is taking time out to cleanse her body and mind for a few days. The American television personality recently revealed that she is taking 36 hours off that will be void of eating any kind of food. According to her post on Instagram, she will only drink tea/water for those long hours.

She also shared a countdown timer that she is using to keep track of her 36 hours record and fans are loving are new commitment. The post attracted a lot of comments, where some of her fans asked to join her challenge.

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Porsha Williams looks breath-taking in this photo as she has on a body-hug black dress paired with a black jacket.
Instagram | Porsha4real

An intermittent fast is a kind of fast that helps the body's immune system and has been proven to help in effective weight loss. This type of fast also helps participants to control the amount of calories they eat on other days that they're not fasting.

Specialists who carried out a research on intermittent fasting, say that anyone who is engaging in this fast, has to drink a lot of liquid, especially water. This will help to improve cognitive action in the body and avoidfatigue.


A day ago when Williams posted her fast timer, she told her fans that she would only drink tea or water for the remaining hours. She also said that she has taken this step to help reduce the stress she has been exposed to lately.

Also, Williams advised anyone willing to join her fast challenge, to confirm from a doctor that they are physically in the best position to carry out the exercise. This is to expressly avoid gaining more stress than losing it.

A photo of Porsha Williams sucking up all that beauty in denim pant and a black blouse, in her home.
Instagram | Porsha4real

20 hours into the fasting process, Williams shared a progress report inform of a 'before & after collage' photo on Instagram. The candid difference between both photos is the size of her stomach in the second frame, that has drastically reduced.

When fans saw this, they were stunned by the progress. However, others began to ask some questions that Williams was all too happy to respond to immediately. Several fans wanted to know which application she used for the countdown during the fast.

A throwback photo of Porsha Williams in a net-design dress as she poses for the camera.
Wikimedia |

Others were all too excited to see proof that intermittent fasting and Williams has in one way or the other sparked up confidence in a lot of people. While everyone was enjoying what they got to see, a few others wanted to know if Williams was pregnant.

"Thought some YouTuber keeping saying you're prego?! asked a user.

In turn, Williams simply said that she was not pregnant, but it seemed like the fan did not believe what she said.

" know she lying lol" the user commented again.

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